Another One Bites The Dust

I am working my way through Neville’s, “The Power of Imagination”, a collection of Neville Goddard’s writings. Today I read, “Be Ears That Hear.” After finishing this, I went through the Admit, Allow and Accept process, Releasing and Letting go of formerly held beliefs.

What I used to believe was in something I refereed to as “Collective Belief.” I may have taught about it at this blog, and if I have, you can disregard these teachings. This is what any true teacher must go through as they continue to learn even while they teach. Sometimes a thing will become irrelevant, or proven to be false, and must therefor be cast off.

The idea of “Collective Belief” was an extension on how our beliefs affect reality, It seemed to me that a group of people who believed the same thing may over-ride any one individual’s different or opposing belief. A “Collective Belief” could also create a place, such as the Christian’s Collective Belief in Heaven. For Christians at least Heaven may be something they experience in the afterlife, but in my opinion it will be just one of an infinite number of “places.” Everyone there will be able to leave when they are done experiencing such a limiting and stagnate experience as perfection.

It seemed to me this is also why people are not flying around or levitating. It seemed a good explanation. Nobody is doing this because of mankind’s collective belief that human beings do not fly, mainly because of a force called gravity. If people could over-write the force of gravity, they would be doing it, right?

Now that I think of it, this is  a very good example of an unexamined belief, such as I have been writing about in a recent book I started. Maybe a lot of people, going through high school and college, have read a physics textbook that tells them about the force of gravity, how it works, etc. But I doubt a single person that has ever read such a book has really tested it beyond the simple observance that of they drop something it falls to the ground. Nobody seeks proof that Isaac Newton even existed, and even if he did, that he discovered gravity. Nobody questions what they read in the textbook. Simple observation of “reality” seems to prove the point.

But just because things fall to the ground and you don’t see people flying around like the Harry Potter movies does not necessarily prove that things will always fall to the ground and people will never fly. Even if this has always been the case up to now, which again we can’t prove, it doesn’t mean it has to always be the case. For me, tonight, it also doesn’t mean that what human beings seem to collectively believe in has to have any effect at all on me.Also I never read a physics textbook, I have just adopted the beliefs I have heard about this force called gravity. Which makes me doubly ignorant. First I have never learned about this force directly myself, and second, I have adopted the beliefs of others, which is, I am coming to learn, a very bad practice!

For all I know man used to fly around thousands of years ago, and gravity may not have been as much of a factor for humans back then. It would certainly be one way to explain stuff like this:
10 Insane Ancient Achievements That Science Can’t Explain

After reading what Neville wrote, I came to see that I found things in “reality” or “the real world” that seemed to “prove” that “Collective Beliefs” had  an effect on me. Now free of these beliefs, per the process I wrote at the beginning of this article, I can see proof I don’t have to fit into place as to how individual belief actually takes precedence.

My parents are looking for a house, and I hear from them a lot about how they might not have a choice in the place they end up. I heard the same from a neighbor of ours who suggested a place for them. It really ground against me, it just felt icky and wrong. I used to believe the same way, but I have since started seeing Source as the source of my supply, whatever form that supply may be. I no longer have a lack or limitation mindset about money. I have no steady employment, yet somehow was able to rustle up money to buy gifts for family and friends, and still come up with enough to buy myself a hammock for when I leave home in a  a couple of months. Money just comes to me a lot easier now. Maybe not in much greater amounts than before, but I think there has been an increase.

The point being I see no reason why they can’t have a mansion, if that is what they want, at the price they want per month. I could list a dozen ways how this could happen. Yes, the “reality” that many humans believe in is that a mansion or even a desirable place must be expensive or “out of our price range.” Just as many humans don’t believe people can fly around. “Evidence” can be gathered to prove this, mostly based on past events that can not be proven. “Justification” for these beliefs can be given, based on what is going on in the “real world.” But all of this is complete and utter horse shit. Roughly equivalent to believing that if you go too far into the ocean you will fall off the edge of the earth. It all amounts to nothing more that excuses for these beliefs.

Sooner or later each individual person will have to stop looking around at what others are doing or not doing and assuming that since others can or can not be do or have something, they can or can not either. Humans as a majority may not believe anyone can fly around without some sort of mechanical assistance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. Humans as a majority may not believe in a world of magic, like the Harry Potter universe. But I say there is truth in all our stories, and it does not mean such a world can not or does not exist.

If you truly, deep down inside, beyond any shadow of a doubt, believe you can fly, then you will fly, period. However if there is any doubt, even a speck of it, any shadow of a belief in the force of gravity, it is unlikely you can ever leave the ground. So be absolutely sure you can fly before you go jumping off things. There is a fine line between belief and delusion.

Do not be attached to your life, but do not be careless with it either. Practice your flying safely, with both feet on the ground. You will not need help to take off if your belief is absolute, so any height is unnecessary, and may even be a subconscious way of showing your actual belief, that it is somehow hard or that you don’t really think you can do it because you need help.

I do not want anyone to be jumping off roofs citing this article out of context! You have believed that you can not fly, and probably also in the force of gravity, all your life. Decades of agreeing with the collective beliefs of others. It may take time until you are entirely free these assumptions about “reality”, and able to experience life without such limitations.

What I want you to take away from this is that you can agree with any collective group’s beliefs. You can adopt the beliefs of your parents. As long as you agree with these beliefs, they retain power over you. But that is the only power they have, your agreement and choosing to believe them. You can also veer away from any group’s collective beliefs, or the beliefs of those who raised you. This is what I am doing. This is what many others are doing or have done. An adopted belief only has power over you for as long as you choose to adopt it, and it is your choice. It will always be your choice. No collective belief has any power over you outside of your agreement with it, and your choosing to share it.

Be aware that the more you consciously choose to believe something, the more automatic believing that may become. I set no absolutes, because that would be a belief about this process! But it seems to me we are on autopilot with some of the things we have adopted or chosen to believe over the years we have been living. As far as I can remember I never questioned the lack and limitation belief of my parents. It just seemed that was the way things were, back when I adopted and chose to believe those beliefs. At some point it wasn’t even conscious. Any talk of money brought up these lack and limitation mindsets about it.

But now, thank God, I can question them. The more awareness and consciousness I can put into these “knee jerk” responses, the less “knee jerk” or automatic they become. They have less and less a hold on me. Those old lack and limitation beliefs have very little effect on me now, and soon it will be none. The same thing will happen, I am determining right now, with all the ideas I have about “reality” or the “real world”, including everything that tells me people can’t fly or use magic. I ask “Why not?” and receive only silence as my reply. If anyone did answer this question, chances are they would cite the past, which no longer exists and can not be proven, or say something inane like, “That’s just how it is.”

No. That’s how you believe it is. That is your beliefs superimposed on what is. That is your perception. It has nothing at all to do with is-ness. No bird believes in gravity. No flying insect either. How many thousands of gallons of water, which I know must be heavy because I can pick up a gallon of it right now, are floating around up there in the clouds? I bet you never thought to ask that, did you? How may other questions have never reached your lips? The best time to start asking is now, and you will see, as I have, there are a lot of assumptions about things we have adopted or chosen to believe. Maybe you will follow my example and start the process of releasing and letting go of these.



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