There was a time, not very long ago, after watching the Harry Potter movies or the Polar Express, when I said,

“The saddest facet of the reality of life,
Is that there is no magic to illuminate it.”

Since that time I have read Abraham, Seth and other, “New Thought” teachers, who I refer to as manifestation teachers, and I came to the conclusion that this world’s magic is in the power of every person, no matter who they are, to create their own reality through the things they believe.

We all do this, the question is not whether or not we can do it but whether or not we are doing it consciously. Are we questioning the circumstances and situations of our lives? Are we questioning the circumstances and situations of the world? Or are we copping out, saying stupid things like, “Life’s tough”, “Life’s not fair”, “Get real”, “That’s just the way things are”, “That’s just the way its always been.” etc?

Why am I calling you stupid? I am not. I am calling the saying of things like this stupid. Why? Can you prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, sufficiently so it could be taken into court and submitted as evidence, that any of these commonly said statements are true? No. You say they are, because you are parroting what everyone around you has said. But you never actually thought about them at all. You never took the time to question any of them and ask, “Is that really true?”

Now maybe you actually have questioned these statements. Good for you! Consider what I have said here to not apply to you. But I know that for me, for the longest time, I never questioned these statements. I was told them, I began to repeat them, I believed them, I defended my beliefs, sometimes to the point where I lost friends, and I never, ever, questioned them. It never occurred to me. Whatever else you may say about these teachers, call what they teach, “Wishful thinking”, the one thing they do accomplish is they get you to question these things you have been parroting all your life, if you are anything like me.

Tonight, enjoying the first Harry Potter movie again, I realized something else. All legends are based on truth. This is a parroted statement, an adopted belief, I have never seriously challenged it. But it seems like it could be true. If it is true, a world of possibilities opens.

Maybe, thousands of years ago, magic existed in this world similar to what we see in our favorite stories like Harry Potter now. These ideas have a source, and what is the origin or supply of that source? Whatever it is it seems fairly consistent. Maybe, in this time long ago, people collectively believed in magic, in spells, in wizardry, and what we have today is the remnant of that.

Certainly now the common belief is that magic is not real. That it does not exist. It is considered a fantasy, something for children. The idea of a fat man in a red suit flying all over the world to deliver presents is ridiculous. We can pull out all these textbooks, all our collected knowledge, and prove it. The problem is that there are other textbooks we are trying to ignore, such as Quantum Physics, from what I have heard, but not been interested enough to study.

In my limited experience people don’t like it when I say this, but science really is a religion. The process of science is supposed to be about figuring out things in the physical world. But scientists seem to cling to the knowledge they have acquired with the same tenacity as any devout Muslim to his or her religion. Some scientists I am sure, just like some Muslims, are willing to die for what they believe.

It does not matter if you can prove some process in the world scientifically and say, with 100% authority, that this is how it is. You will never be able to prove, with 100% authority, that it could not be or never has been anything different. You use your facts and knowledge to navigate in the world, but the problem is you are navigating by your facts and knowledge, not in each moment with everything as it is.

In other words, you do not experience the moment by moment reality of a flower. You only experienced what you know about a flower. Just as a Muslim does not experience people, rather they experience their beliefs about people. In short we see our beliefs, facts and knowledge, not the subject we are perceiving. Most of us (unfortunately including me) do not experience anything in this world outside of our beliefs, facts, feelings, knowledge or thoughts. But as for me, I am working in it.

The truth is the only reason we are not living in a world like Harry Potter (assuming we are not) is because we do not believe this world to be like that one. Or we have facts and knowledge that prove how it can not be like that one. It could be we are living in such a world, and as Muggles (to use Harry Potter terminology) it remains hidden from us.

Worse we are born Muggles, born blind to the world being anything other than what those who raise us say it is! How do we disregard, set aside, throw away, years, decades even, of the adopted beliefs, facts and knowledge of others? I don’t know about you, but for me it is next to impossible. I struggle every day with seeing the world like Abraham and Seth teach it to be. I want it to be that way, I hope it is that way, but in the end I have to step out in faith. I have no definitive experience that proves, beyond all doubt, that the world is as they teach.

The reason there is no magic in the world, in general human perception, is because humans, for the most part, do not believe there to be any in it. Yet to any stone-aged being, encountering us walking around with a cellphone to our ear, or using a computer, we are using magic! If magic did exist in a Harry Potter sort of way thousands of years ago, it now appears to be taking the form of our technology. That is the influence of science, of the scientific approach, beliefs and thought. Thousands of years ago “science” could have been potions, spells and wands!

If we want a world like Harry Potter, as a race we just have to start believing that this world could be such a place. That magic could work here through things like spells and wands. If enough people believe this for long enough, that is the world they and their offspring would experience. It really is as simple as that. Its the how that is not so simple. Right now man is enamored of science, so our magic will remain in our technology. It will be limited to the physically real and what can be experienced through the physical senses. Anything outside the physical will be considered occult, primitive or religious.

I am just glad to have reached a point in my life where I see that a world of magic like Harry Potter may have existed, and there is no reason it could not exist again. I don’t have to buy into current scientific thinking. I don’t have to believe that the physical world is all there is. I have experienced little beyond the physical world, and I will continue to try to experience much more of what lays beyond it, if anything. At this point I can not say with any authority.

But I can at least open my mind to the possibility. I can at least have a sense of awe, possibility and wonder. There is no good reason to continue thinking that there is no magic in life. It is there, existing as potential. As long as it exists in potential, it exists, it is real. It can happen, there is nothing that can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that it can’t. And it makes me happy to realize this. It gives me hope for a world that is more than what everyone has constantly told me it is.

It also allows me to throw myself even more into my studies of astral projection, lucid dreaming, and shamanic practices such as communicating with the natural world. I claim for myself the reality of being a confident, experienced, masterful practitioner of these. I will pass on to my children a different view of the world. One where anything is possible, because everything exists as potential that has not manifested into the physical world. I won’t be giving them the same beliefs my parents and others puked up all over me!

I can also, fast approaching 40 years old, enjoy stories like Harry Potter. I look forward to the next thing like it that may show up during my lifetime. The more material that presents an alternative, magical world, the better as far as I am concerned.

Thank you, Mrs. Rowling, for Harry Potter, and for bringing a little magic into all our lives!

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