While walking,
Three deer cross my path.
I wait and watch.


One thought on “Encounter

  1. When this happened it occurred to me how rare this probably is for most people to experience. Even if they are in the woods, they may not notice something they would think of as common as some deer walking across their path.

    I remember walking along, something made me look up, and I started because there, just 10 feet or so for me was a mother and her two children. Just coming along the path through the field from another direction,.

    I just stopped and watched them pass. The children were more trusting, and passed first. The mother had to take her time, occasionally stopping to watch me. I just talked to them as they passed, I did not move.

    I had been holding a pair of pruners, which I closed and placed in my pocket when I first saw them. I just stood there, hands in my pocket, and enjoyed this experience, which I realized later, is not really all that common.


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