Your Life Is Your Laboratory

In, “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” Abraham, through Esther Hicks, refers to this as Action Reality and Emotional Reality.

Neville says, “To be conscious of being or possessing anything is to be or have that which you are conscious of possessing.” He refers to this as, “Adopting the consciousness.”

If you are at all like me you read these words, and if you understand what you are reading, you find yourself nodding your head.

If you are reading these words and not understanding them, you are not ready yet, but you can apply what I am about to teach you to make yourself ready.

When I read these words I am certainly in agreement with them, and understanding them. But it is only intellectual. Nisargadatta likens to this sort of borrowed knowledge as a plastic flower. It may look like a real flower, but unlike a real flower, it has no scent.

All knowledge must be applied and experienced individually. Everything I and these others are saying here must be applied to your own life experience. In doing so you grow the beautiful and unique flower, with its own fragrance, that is the knowledge as it applies to you.

I have only had, until moments ago, a plastic flower. But now I see the green sprout that is the result of applying and experiencing this knowledge for myself.

I just realized that in order for me to have someone to share my life with, I must adopt the consciousness of someone who has someone to share their life with. What does that mean? Until a few moments ago, I never really got it. Now I think I have it.

I have to live my life, in this moment, exactly as I would live it if I were with someone. My Action Reality (Abraham/Hicks) or Present Identity (Neville) is of someone who is alone. Someone who acts and does things as if they were alone.

In my case there are certain things I expose myself to which I know I would not if I had someone to share my life with. I do not take care of myself as well as I would if I was with someone. I do not act or resemble in any way someone who has a wife and children. I act and resemble someone who is single. This changes now.

I have to work with what I have from where I am. If I had money, I would buy some fresh roses for the woman I am sharing my life with. Should Source provide money, or flowers, I will do this.

I would also not expose myself to these materials I have been exposing myself to, I would not act or do certain things I have been doing. I would not have pictures in any format of other women I would be looking at as I would have no need for such things. I would take better care of myself.

Even though I can not yet see her with my physical eyes, or touch her, or talk to her, or hear her, I can, and now will, act as if she is right there, just outside of physical perception.

Others would call this crazy or nuts. Or they could call it unrealistic. They would say I am daydreaming. It is not considered normal in our society to act as if someone is there when clearly they physically are not.

But that is the only way I can see to apply and experience the truth of adopting the consciousness “…of that which I wish to be or have…” The truth is she is there. “We get what we ask for, whether we want it or not.” – Abraham/Hicks.

However, unless I stop having the consciousness of a single male, there is no way for her to enter my present life experience. It is like Scotty trying to beam someone somewhere without coordinates. It works better if you have them, so you can lock onto them and beam someone up, or down, as the case may be.

There are no coordinates, no consciousness, for that which I have asked, which the Source instantly and immediately manifested, to come into my life. She is there, in that teleporter beam, just waiting to coalesce and become a part of my life. Now that I am adopting the proper mindset, the proper consciousness, she can.

I can apply this to every area of my life. Lacking clarity? Adopt the mindset of someone who has clarity. Faith? Purpose? Act like I do.

I share these words to ingrain them into my heart and mind. I share them so that you may also benefit from them. If there is something you want in your life, this is how you go about being or having it. Just imagine how you would be when you become or have it, then act and think that way.

It really is that simply. Easy to understand, no matter what words are used. But useless applied and experienced for yourself. Your life is your laboratory. Discover, experiment and learn!


One thought on “Your Life Is Your Laboratory

  1. A question arises… Why do I have to jump through all these hoops to have someone to share my life with? Nobody else, or at least, very few people, have to act like they are in a relationship, when they are presently single, in order to be in a relationship. Everyone seems to find someone. Many of my family and friends are married and most of them have children. None of them had to do what I am having to do.

    I think it is like there is a switch in you mind somewhere. Most people go to public school, go to high school, many go to college. They are always around other people. Even those who don’t fit in probably operate with a mindset of finding that special someone. Those who are popular, or won the genetic lottery, probably naturally assume they will be with someone. In fact it’s probably more than that. There is no thought in their minds, ever, of being alone. They just never think about that, never had that mindset or consciousness.

    But someone like me who was homschooled and had little or no social interaction in my developing years, having only made it to the 6th grade in public school, finishing out my schoolwork alone in my room while my brother went out and met other kids in the neighborhood, well that mindset or consciousness of alone or being lonely develops. The switch is moved to the single position, instead of the default relationship position of most other people. Complicate it with rejection, getting laughed at in your face when you ask a single girl at the dance to dance with you, and this cave-man belief system that the man has to provide, have some sort of income for his wife and children, well the switch gets stuck in that single position.

    I remember watching some of these movies where an astronaut was stranded in space on some space station and thinking, “I can handle that! I am used to being alone!” You wonder how these people go berserk when they are isolated. Well my guess is that their switch is in the relationship position, as firmly if not more so than my switch being in the single position. They are not used to being alone, they have no concept or understanding of loneliness having always had relationships, so being all alone all of a sudden shuts them down. Which, I just realized, explains why I don’t like being around lots of people and tend to stay at the edges, watching everyone. I would probably go just as nuts jammed into an overcrowded submarine with no personal space!

    The good news is the dust and cobwebs can be brushed away, the WD-40 applied, the switch grasped firmly and set to another position. I am in the process of setting it to the relationship position, and that is why I have to do these extra steps those who already have it there do not have to perform.

    If you have any thoughts on this or any questions, feel free to comment.


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