Change Begins Inside

Watched some more of the Law of Attraction in Action today. A man comes up and asks Abraham, essentially, what is he supposed to do about global warming. Should he change the type of car he drives? What is the truth about this?

Abraham explained that some members of the human race are constantly looking at things outside themselves that need to be fixed, and focusing on that instead of coming into alignment. That the earth is not dying or somehow past its prime. That it is ultimately as unaffected by man as a very large dog is unaffected by a very small flea.

Abraham said the earth is in fact sentient, and nothing man does has any effect on its alignment with Source. That the earth, far from dying, is flourishing. Also, the more we beat on the drum of some sort of problem in the world or with the world, the more we are asking for a solution to the perceived problem, and this is always being provided, but we can’t see it, because we are focused on what we do not want.

I have greatly simplified and somewhat paraphrased what Abraham has said. I just wanted to give you some context here, like an artist sketching out the lines in a composition before the the drawing begins. I am not going to begin painting the picture, to the best of my ability, of where I am in my thinking after hearing this.

Until a few hours ago I was a member of and a subscriber to that as well as Avaaz and a host of other petition sites. I was constantly sharing links to petitions, to the point where I suspect it was the real reason Facebook has, essentially, locked me out of my account.

Every time I would open one of these emails I would feel bad. I would empathize for the plight of whatever it was they wanted me to sign a petition for. Or I was angry with some political thing going on, ready to sign up to fight that. It has never, not even once, felt good. It has felt good when I received an email essentially saying we won. Who doesn’t like to feel like a winner? But looking at the petitions themselves always felt bad. It was not putting my mind on what feels good.

I have learned, and have shared with you, that denying or resisting something makes it stronger. Those pushing for something like Net Neutrality make their opposition stronger. The more their opposition pushes against Net Neutrality, the more the case of its supporters is strengthened. It is really like a big game of tug o’ war. All these people at either end of the rope fighting to not be the ones ending up in the mud pit in the center, even as they completely ignoring the larger world all around.

It is really like there are thousands of people gathered in a Garden of Eden and all of them have picked up ropes (or vines) and are struggling with one another. Yet all around them the beauty of their surroundings is ignored. All each group can see are those they struggle against and their own length of rope, which is just a tiny fraction of everything going on around them.

I was among those picking up my end of various issues and struggling with those in opposition. I have since released my hold on all of that. Because like is not meant to be a struggle. It is meant to be enjoyed. What is the point of a life that you have to claw and fight your way through? If your whole life is nothing more than something to be endured or suffered through, something you have to work at for some ever-illusive goal, what the hell is the point?

That is just not living. Where is the joy and the love? Why would you want to experience only the opposites of joy, love and peace in your life? Wouldn’t you like to experience these with the same intensity you feel you experience hatred, pain, suffering and unhappiness? If you could, wouldn’t you like to just experience happiness, joy, love and peace? Well you can. I have told you how. Simply put you mind on what feels good. Throw out the rest, without exception.

I am still working through this myself. For a long time I believed in global warming. I watched an episode of Beyond Survival and saw these people living on some island in or of Madagascar. The trees had been logged off, and the place was turning into a desert. It seemed to justify my stance against logging and mining. Look what it does to the land! There is an example, plain as day, right there! A once lush forest landscape now looks like something from the Saraha desert. It doesn’t even rain there anymore!

But isn’t it likely that this location, out of all the possible locations on earth, was chosen precisely to prove some chosen point of view? Maybe the producers or Les Stroud have some personal or political agenda, and they take us to this land and, essentially, say, “Hey look! See how these people are suffering! See how terrible things are after the logging that has taken place here!”

There is no denying the land has been damaged. Abraham calls these sorts of places, “Pockets of discontent.” Isn’t it likely that the people living here have some belief that living here is hard, among other beliefs about the land turning into a desert, that has caused this land to become exactly what it is? In other words, isn’t it possible that this land is an exact mirror of what the people living on it believe?

Furthermore, isn’t it possible that if I contribute my energy to the illusion by focusing on what I do not want, what does not feel good, that I am adding to, enforcing and perpetuating, the undesirable state of this area? How does my looking at this, feeling bad because I am focused on something I do not want, in any way help the situation to become any better?

The answer is it doesn’t. All I would be doing is adding to the surplus of misery that the inhabitants of the land believe exist. Because they believe in it, they are miserable. Because they have a mindset of barely getting by and struggling to survive, they barely get by and struggle to survive. The solution can not be found as long as those involved are looking only at the problem.

What you are not taught to do, what you have no idea how to do as a result, is to focus on what you want. To set your mind on what feels good. What feels good here? Seeing these people thriving, living comfortably and happily, in harmony with the land. The land thriving, the forest returned and growing again. Rain falling regularly, watering bounteous crops that the people can harvest. Seeing healthy herds of animals or fish hatcheries full of fish. Watching these people receiving trees, coming in from other ares of the island in some way. Watching these trees being replanted. Watching these people build nicer houses, with better materials. Seeing these people as healthy and well fed. Are you getting the picture yet?

But you aren’t seeing any of this, are you? You, like me, see the barren island becoming a desert. You, like me, see a struggling and starving people. You, like me, see no rain and no crops. No fish hatcheries, no herds of animals. You, like me, see only death, not life, You, like me, are focused only on the problem. How does it feel? It certainly does not feel good, does it? So why would you want to continue to feel that way? You wouldn’t. How can you feel better? Change your focus. How do you change your focus? Read the paragraph above again, do that. Get the idea yet?

This same rule applies to every geographical area and every people, from smog covered cities to the people living under its bridges. To starving children in Africa to races of people massacring each other. Stop buying into what others tell you the instant you know it does not feel good. Turn it off, throw it out. Do not spend one second focusing on what you do not want.

Instead, put your mind on what feels good. Clear skies over LA, green living roofs on every building, electric cars on every street, happy, healthy people of all ages. Nobody under any bridge, clean streets, everyone has a home, enough income to support themselves and enjoy their lives. Healthy, happy children all over the world, people living in peace.

You might call this denial. It is not. Denial means you believe and say there is no smog, when obviously, if you live in LA, you can see it outside your window. Denial shuts off the TV when it talks about the homeless and the starving children in Africa. One of my beloved stories, the Myst series of books and games, paints a perfect picture of denial in Atrus, unable to see the truth about his sons. His denial of the truth about his children only made things worse, eventually contributing to the destruction of something beautiful.

Denial is ignoring or not facing what appears to be reality. That is all it ever is BTW, apparent reality. If there is one way things are, there is the opposite way things can be. What I am talking about here is not denial, but acceptance of what is, or rather, what appears to be. You simply do not engage with it, You do not focus on it,. You never say it doesn’t exist. But you don’t spend any time thinking about it, because you are engaged with a version of reality that feels better to you.

What would be the solution for Atrus? I do not know. I think it would be to face the truth about his children. But at the same time, to keep a firm picture in his mind of the way he wanted them to be. Maybe to write a world where he could place them, where they would have the chance to become the men he envisioned.

I imagine if he used all his skill at world building, while focused firmly on what he wanted for his boys, seeing them living happily and harmoniously with each other and that world, then the resulting world would have everything in place need for creating the space required for the desired changes to occur, all without trying to force those changes.

Sometimes people are so lost in themselves, what Tolle would call being unconscious, they just can’t see any other way to be. Forcing them to change would only entrench them in the way they are. Loving and accepting them as they are, allowing them to be as they are, while giving them the space to change, is the only way they could ever change into something better. Somehow we have to see the truth of the person, who they really are, beyond the part they are playing, beyond their role. This is something I am still in the process of learning.

Back to the subject at hand… The key is to focus is on how you would like things to be, not on how things appear to be. You may see the homeless under that bridge, or the smog over the city. You may even help in some way, in the natural flow of your life. Give out a little money. Sell your car and purchase a bicycle. Or get a full electric vehicle. Whatever it is that feels good to you, that is what you will do.

But always, without exception, when you see the smog in apparent reality, in your mind’s eye you are thinking about clear skies and clean air. When you see the homeless under a bridge you ate thinking about clean streets and everyone having a home. You are always engaged with the present moment, But all the energy of your focus is on what you want, for yourself and others, what feels good to do.

This is the difference between denial of apparent reality (which really equates to sticking your head in the sand or running away) and disengagement from apparent reality, which means you are not attached in any way to the way things appear to be. You know that if they appear one way, they can appear differently and you are focusing on that different, more desirable way things can be.

For me it feels good, I would even say right, that I unsubscribed from all these petition and political sites I was involved in. Because even when I was supporting a petition that I agreed with, I was lending energy to its opposing forces. I was only making the opposition stronger. The only way to defeat the opposition is stop stop fighting it.

It does not make sense I know. The assumption is that if I stop fighting, they (whoever they are) win. It reminds me of a sword in some movie or book I read about where the stronger you fought it, the stronger it got. The only way to defeat it was to stop fighting. That is the same here. The only way to defeat opposition is to stop fighting it. It only has the power to be opposition as long as you are engaging it with your belief and focus on it. It only exists as opposition in your perception of it as such. If you stop seeing it as opposition, it ceases to be opposition.

I have used the term being a martial artist with life. That is what this is about. Using the perceived enemy’s own energy against itself. We do that by being non-resistant. We do not attach, deny, engage or resist. We allow it to be as it is, to do what it is doing. But we don’t give it any energy. We don’t see it as our enemy or opposition. All our energy is on what we want, what feels good to us, setting our mind on that. We are not looking “out there” for some problem we need to fix. In doing that we miss what is “in here.”

The world we experience “out there” is a direct reflection of what is going in “in here.” If we want “out there” to change we need to stop trying to change it, and instead redirect our energies to changing what is “in here.” Once we change ourselves, the world we experience changes. The more we attempt to fix things “out there” while ignoring what is going on “in here” the longer the undesirable circumstances, situations and people “out there” will persist.

Questions remain for me… What happens if I ignore the next attack on Net Neutrality? Or stop fighting drilling in the Arctic? Or allow certain corporations to continue to use archaic, abusive methods in raising food animals? Can I really sit back and do nothing as they pass laws I do not agree with? What if it gets so bad I can no longer live here in America? What will I do then? What will my children do?

It really does feel as if I am, somehow, letting them do whatever the hell they want. It really feels as if my voice, in dissent, might have the power, especially if combined with other voices, to stop them. But maybe they will do whatever the hell they want despite our combined efforts. I wonder how much good my dissenting voice has really done? How many problems has it really solved? How much has it really forced someone to listen, assuming someone could be forced to do anything?

I look at the ends of the ropes I once held, and I wonder if, in my letting go, I have somehow failed my side, my team. But that is ego, isn’t it? Us VS Them? Also my empty place on the rope is quickly taken up by others. No empty spot remains unfilled for long. The struggles continue. But now I am free to explore this Garden of Eden and envision the life I want for myself and my future generations.

Everything comes down to if they would change, I would feel better. That is at the heart of every struggle. If the ultimate goal is to simply feel better, then the ultimate solution is to simply stop struggling. Allow myself to feel better, by setting my mind on things that allow me to feel better. Allow them to continue to struggle, if that is what they wish to do. Everyone has to live their own life and walk their own path.

As I walk away from these struggles I used to engage in, I think I have made the right decision, and I certainly feel better.


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