The Shortest Lesson Ever

Just put your mind on what feels good.

That’s it. That’s the lesson. There is no need to read any further. This is the entirety of the process of manifesting something you want into your life.

I finally understand this today after watching one of the Law of Attraction In Action videos today. I learned to, “Be as specific as I can be and still feel good.” – Abraham-Hicks

It has been a struggle for me. I am leaving home, and that feels good. I am going to the Big Sur, and that feels good. But the intermediary step of bicycling do not feel good.

I have priced bicycles and tools. To fix my current bike and get everything I would like for this trip would cost about $500.00. To get a new bike and everything I would like for this trip would cost about $2,000.

But it does not feel good to think about costs, money. It does not feel good to think of the money I have in the bank, how it is insufficient (by far) for this. It does not feel good to think about whether or not I will be comfortable and safe.

What does feel good however is the idea of leaving home and getting out on my own. This feels like freedom. What does feel good is the sense of adventure and exploration.

I said at a recent threat that this was not going to be about adventure or exploration. It was about leaving home. I was attempting, I guess, to make this seem more noble.

But in reality, being noble does not feel good. Nobly going out to suffer. This whole process of leaving home having to be difficult, hard, painful. That I should suffer, and its OK because I am good at it.

I have now seen first-hand how this has affected me, and I have, moments ago, released and let go of all that crap. Because that is all it is. Doubt, fear and worry will not make me comfortable and safe. They are far too heavy to pack for this trip.

No, I am leaving home. I am stepping out into the unknown, taking the first step that will bring me to the life I came here to live. It is an adventure and I am exploring. This is what feels good, this is what I will set my mind on.

I will think about gliding down the road on my new bike, which is lighter, airier, roomier, more comfortable. Packed with me are all the tools I will need for the bike and my hobbies. A laptop or tablet with lots of ebooks on it. A hammock. anything else that will enhance my adventure. That will make it more enjoyable in any way. I see a silver frame, thinner than my current frame, but not too thin. I see the road blurring beneath me.

Has my example helped you to understand? It is not hard to manifest what you want into your life. It may feel hard or seem hard. But it is so very simple. It really is harder, although it may not seem like it, to manifest something you do not want. That requires such a great effort of thinking about things, setting your mind on things, that do not feel good. The mind likes to caper about like a young, energetic child. It no more wants to stay focused on bad feeling things than it does good feeling things. It takes effort to focus.

It seems as if things which are undesirable manifest easily, but I tell you that you have put a lot of focus on undesirable things, That you have not been setting your mind on what feels good, and that, by setting it on what feels bad, what does not encourage or inspire, you have brought this experience to yourself.

The good news is that you must be really amazing at focusing since you have been practicing with it for a very long time. So you can use your amazing ability to focus on what is wanted and set your mind on what feels good. You definitely have the ability and power to do so. You are a master at it.

I know what I will be setting my mind on from now on!

Questions arise… What if… Here we go again, into the details where it does not feel good. Back into the bramble patch. All those stickers and thorns… I don’t know the best solution to this right now. All I know for sure is that if I dwell on the what ifs, such as what if I can’t manifest a bicycle, or the parts, or the equipment, or this, or that, or what if the weather turns unfavorable…

None of these things feel good. So as of this moment, I am no longer setting my mind on them. I will think about gliding down the road instead. I will think about the beauty of the Big Sur.  will let the Universe handle the what ifs. I will let the Universe handle the details.

Is this clear to you now? If it is not, comment. If it is in me to help you, I will.


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