Something Else To Think About

If the Universe is, by nature, abundant and prosperous, and if you are made of the same stuff of the Universe, then you, by nature, are abundant and prosperous.

Is the Universe abundant? There are billions of humans on this single planet we call earth, and there are tens of billions of stars in the sky. There have been millions of different types of life forms on this planet alone, and there are, more than likely, millions more planets out there with their own unique lifeforms. So I think the answer to this question is a rebounding yes!

Are you made of the same stuff of the Universe? Physically your body is comprised of the same materials that make up everything in the physical world. We know this for a fact. What we haven’t been able to prove yet is that who you are outside of your physical body, once your physical body ceases to function, that energy is also made of the same stuff that are the energetic components of everything in the Universe. So again, yes.

For me it is a simple logical deduction. Some aspect of me existed before my physical body and will live on after it has ceased to function. That aspect of me, being non-physical, must have been energetic. If it was energetic, it came from a Source and will return that Source. This energetic aspect of me has taken the form of my physical body. So my physical body is both made up of this Source energy and the elements found in this physical world. The elements found in this physical world are the same elements found throughout the Universe, as far as humans have been able to determine.

That means I am an individual manifestation of some energetic Source, and a physical manifestation of the Universe. I am one with this energetic Source and the Universe. The Universe is also a physical manifestation of this energetic Source. So the Universe is one with this Source, and as I am one with the Universe, I am also one with this source. In fact, I am this source, appearing as this energetic and physical form.

The I being referred to is not the I of my identity, my sense of self, the story of my life. The I in this case is referring right back to that energetic aspect, the Source of this physical body, that from which it came and which it will return to when this physical body ceases to function.

If I am Source, and Source is abundant and prosperous by nature, then I am abundant and prosperous by nature. We know Source is where all abundance and prosperity comes from, because this is where every individual manifestation of it comes from, including the Universe and all that exists on our planet.

If we are abundant and prosperous by nature, then it is not natural for us to not be abundant and prosperous. That means lack and limitation in any form is not natural. It does not come from Source, it does not come from the Universe and it does not come from the earth. The only place lack and limitation exist is in the human mind, within human perception. The source of lack and limitation is mankind’s beliefs, feelings and thoughts of it. It is not natural, it is not real. It is unnatural and unreal.

Any “reality” you are subscribing to that includes lack and limitation is unreal. If you say mankind is greedy by nature, it is an incorrect statement. Greed is unnatural, stemming from a belief in lack and limitation. Mankind is generous by nature, even though that generosity may not always be desirable or motivated by love. Mankind certainly has and does display a generosity of undesirable behavior, towards each other and towards the earth itself.

Lack and limitation exist only in your mind. They are unnatural and unreal. All you have to do to remind yourself is to look up at the stars and try to count them all. If you can’t see the stars, try counting raindrops. If you have no rain, try counting grains of sand. If you have no sand, count the buildings in the city around you and try to guess how many human beings are in each one. How many animals, insects and plants. Try counting blades of grass, or wild flowers in a field. Try to count the waves on the ocean, or guess at all the drops of water that must be in there. The proof is all around you. Even the cloud of mosquitoes around your head when you are outside tonight, if you live in an area anything at all like mine, will remind you of how generous Source is, even to something as despised and hated as a mosquito.

BTW you can call Source whatever you like. Part of our reflecting its generosity towards us is all the names we have given it.


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