The Only Thing Between You and Your Desire Is You

In the past few days I have become aware of something, probably helped by doing the 40-Day Prosperity Plan as instructed by John Randolph Price in, “The Abundance Book.” I have summed it very simply in the title of this article. The only thing between you and something you desire is you.Collectively we humans as a race believe that some will have more than others. The natural extent of this is that some must be poor if others are rich. So we have poor people and rich people. We have the homeless and those who have homes. The unemployed and those who have jobs.

We also believe that to go somewhere, from Point A to Point B, we must travel. We must use something, be it our legs, a bicycle or some motorized transport, be it animal or mechanical. We believe, in short, in the separation between where we are at this moment in physical time and space and where we would like to go.

We also believe, as I have talked about before, in the concept of earning money. But it goes deeper than that. We believe there must be an economy, and that it is somehow bad if there is not one. We believe in trading for goods and services, something of equivalent value. We believe in something called money that has an agreed upon value which can purchase things for us.

As a result we believe we must earn things, work for them. Even those who steal believe that the only way to get something legitimately is to earn it or work for it, and they are choosing not to do so. In some cases they may not have a choice. What if they do not have the money with the collective agreed upon value for whatever it is they need or want? What if they are starving and have no money for food? Cold but have no money for clothes?

By our beliefs as a society we perpetuate a myth, and that myth is that there is something between ourselves and what we desire. It could be distance, it could be the need for an intermediary. But there is always something between you and your desire. That is the myth, and it is a lie.

You are made of the same stuff of the Universe itself. Energetically and even physically in some aspects. Who you really are inside, your Higher Self, your Soul, is actually the Source individually manifested as you, as your physical body. Even your psychical body is energetic before it is physical. Everything in the physical is an illusion. Distance, time – all of these things are illusions. They are physical constructs.

This may be hard for you to understand, so I will simplify it for you. There is a place you want to go. You believe you are in one location in physical space at this physical time, and the place you want to go is at another physical location which would take a certain amount of physical time to get there. If you were to pull out a map you could show me where you are and where this place is that you want to go. You could show me the miles, talk about speed limits and traffic conditions. As far as you are concerned it is very straightforward.

I tell you that it is only your belief in travel, in distance between you and where you want to go, and traveling as the intermediary that will bring you there, that makes it so. If you were able to free yourself of this belief, which is also the collective belief of human society, and just decide to be where you want to go, I guarantee that you would simply show up there. In the blink of an eye, as quick as a thought.

The reason you would be able to do this is because you believe you are here, at this location, right now, and just as you can be here, right now, you can simply be there, in the very next moment from now. Maybe even in the same moment. As I have not figured out how to free myself of these beliefs to practice this myself, I have no idea how it works. But I know it works. It just requires a different way of thing about being somewhere, a removal of the belief in the need for the intermediary of travel.

Likewise the only thing keeping food from starving people is humanity’s collective belief that A. Some have less and some have more and B. An item of equivalent value is needed to trade for something like food. The homeless and poor have little of equivalent value. The homeless and poor believe this, and so it is true. You believe it, and so it is true. The rest of humanity believes it, and so it is true.

But it does not have to be this way. Just as in our example of being in one place then being in another, all that is needed is to remove the intermediary of trade from the equation. The homeless and poor desire food, the next moment they have food. Or even at the same moment of their desire. It can work that way. Humanity just has to collectively stop believing in the separation between a person and something they want, and the need for the intermediary of trade to get it.

You want to help the homeless and the poor? First of all stop seeing them as somehow less than any others. Throw out the labels of homeless and poor. Throw out any belief or idea that there are some with more and some with less. Just throw it out. Next get rid of the idea that things have to be earned, paid for, stolen or worked for. Get rid of the idea that there is any need for anything between someone and what they need or want. Believe that if they need or want it, they are already one with it, they already have it. Then it is up to them to be allowing, open and receptive. It can be right there, ready to manifest in their experience, but as long as they are not allowing it in, they will never get it.

We are all already one with whatever it is we desire. There is nothing between us and our desire except ourselves. For the longest time I believed I had to earn money. I had to work hard for it. That this was somehow admirable and right. This is complete and utter bullshit! It keeps me from the things I desire. How many people work hard all their lives for some ambition or goal, but never reach it? Probably almost everyone who has ever lived. This is carrot-on-a-stick living, and I for one choose to no longer live that way.

When I wanted to go and see Wayne Dyer here in Portland, my earning and hard work beliefs had me helping a couple move two large U-haul trucks over an 8 hour drive away. I accomplished my goal, earning just enough to go. But my motivation for helping these people was all wrong. I see now I was looking to the money I was earning helping them move to pay for the tickets I desired. This sort of confrontational, grasping attitude towards those we purport to help causes them to shrink away from us. We are taught that the loudest bird gets the worm. We are taught we have to speak up and claim what is ours, what we have earned, what we have a right to. We have to stand up for ourselves. But it is all wrong.

I know now that it would have been far, far better if I had helped them out of a true desire to help them, with no goal of earning something I desired through them. If I had just helped them, as long as a genuinely wanted to, as long as it flowed in my life to do so, and not even thought about money or payment. If we act with a generosity of spirit and a true heart of service, most, if not all, people will respond generously. There may be some who would take advantage.

But here is the thing, you can’t be hurt or offended by that if you are not looking at someone as a means to an end, as the source of your supply. When you help someone because you genuinely care and want to help them, whatever they do is ultimately irrelevant. If you can stop looking to them as the source of your supply, you can have faith and trust that the Universe is looking out for you, and will provide.

Furthermore when you work for someone you are usually working for the intermediary, money in this case. Money is not what you desire. There is an item you desire, a circumstance or a situation. Money is a means to an end, that is all. What use is money as food, clothing, or anything else? Maybe its a good fire starter. But it has little physical use, you are always trading it in exchange for something.

I put distance between myself and the ticket I wanted to go and see Wayne Dyer. I believed I had to earn money to buy it. I believed I had to work hard to earn that money. The reality I created for myself was exactly what I believed. I had to earn the money, just enough for the tickets, and I had to work hard for it too. If I knew then what I know now I would have focused on the tickets, not the money to buy them. I would have seen this couple I helped as one possible channel my Abundance could flow through from the Universe.

But I would not look to them as the Source of that Abundance. By not looking to them to be the Source of my Abundance, I would have been able to genuinely help them, and I would not have been attached to them paying me enough to buy the tickets. Look at the word I keep using, even now. Enough. Just enough. I limit myself even now, relegating myself to enough, rather than Abundance.

The point is I would have been genuinely helping them, motivated more by love instead of a goal, and this would have created more of an opening for generosity. Maybe, just maybe, I could have gotten the ticket I wanted and had a lot of money to spare. Maybe I could have accomplished my desire to rent a room in Portland over the weekend. Maybe I could have talked longer to that woman I met at Red Robbin, gotten her number, took her out on a date.

There is a world of possibilities there I closed myself off from because I was focused on earning money, earning enough money to buy a ticket. Because I believed that there was a separation between me and my desire, and that I needed an intermediary, money, to bring my desire to be. Instead of simply wanting the ticket, and allowing myself to have it in the next moment. Or the same moment.

Here’s the kicker… The stuff that makes up everything, you, me and the entire Universe, is infinite. Because at its Source it is energy. Infinite energy, that never dies, it only changes form. So even if every man, woman and child on earth all of a sudden got everything they ever needed or wanted, had every desire granted, it would not deplete anything. The economy may take a hit, sure. But there would still be more to go around as needed and wanted. The Source of everything can never be depleted, and it works outside of physical space and time.

Something I came to understand some time ago, even if every beautiful red-haired virgin on the planet were married or in a relationship, if I wanted one, and was able to simply allow the Universe to provide, it could, in the moment of my desire, bring a child into the world sometime in what I would perceive as my physical past, who could grow up, become a woman, meet me and be the person I share my life with. Doesn’t that idea just boggle your mind?

If more is desired it is provided, instantly. There are no limits in the realm of the energetic which is outside of physical space and time! There are no limits, period! It is only in the physical that we see any constraints, but these are artificial creations, and have nothing to do with our true nature, with our essence, which is the Source of everything in the entire Universe.

It is time to free yourself of these beliefs of lack and limitation. Time to free yourself of these beliefs of earning and hard work as the only legitimate way to manifest things into you physical experience. Time to stop seeing yourself separate from whatever it is you desire. Time to stop believing in that separation, and any need for any sort of intermediary. If you want something, you can have it. You do not need to trade anything for it. If you want something it is yours, instantly, and this does not happen at the expense of anyone else. If you want to go somewhere you are there, the instant you wish to be there.

All forms of lack and limitation exist only in the belief of them. It is really as simple as that.


I was brushing my teeth as I realized something else. Asking is also a form of separation between you and what you desire. If you ask for it, it implies you do not have it. Asking also becomes an intermediary between you and your desire. I think the right process here is to claim it. As you are already one with everything and everyone, simply claim whatever it is you desire. As if it is already yours, has already been provided, and now you are simply claiming it for yourself. I think Emmet Fox talked about this approach in, “Stake Your Claim.”


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