What The Stevia Plant Is Teaching Me

Outside the window of my little Creative Workshop space, sitting on the flat roof, is a stevia plant. I have been taking care of it for a few years now. I bring it in during the cold months, and put it outside when the weather is warmer. We had some strange weather this year, and I asked mom if I should put it out, and she said yes.

I should point out that if I am honest, I didn’t really feel I should put the stevia plant outside yet, and had I expressed this to my mother, she probably would have agreed. I am still learning to listen to my own internal guidance, also known as my gut, my heart, or my intuition.

But I did not listen to my internal guidance, and I put the stevia plant outside. It got colder again, frost appeared on the roof a few times. I pruned the plant, early in the year, and that seemed to help a little. But now it appears as if its growth is somehow stalled. The leaves are tinged with brown, it has put out little if any new growth, it hasn’t even tried to lift up one of its offshoots which has been laying to one side for a month or so now. Its growth appears to have stagnated.

Watching the first of the two videos in Laying new Pipes, and Abraham-Hicks workshop, I listened to a lady relate a story about a 10 year old boy she was watching, who wanted to go out onto the ice. She responded in fear, because it was later in the year, and the ice was of an unknown thickness. The main point I took away was that our first priority should be to our own alignment. That we should focus on the well-being of others, not things that might happen to them, or things we don’t want to happen to them.

So, in the case of this stevia plant, the apparent or object reality is that it is either dying or suffering, It is certainly not happy. I can tell this by looking at those brown tinged leaves, the lack of new growth, and the offshoot laying to one side. In my perception the plant is not happy. That’s how I think of it. That is my truth.

But if I want the plant to be happy, I have to see past appearances and form. I have to see past my perceptions and truth. I have to envision the plant happy, healthy, well. Nice big leaves, new growth, the offshoot off the ground. No brown on the edges of the leaves. I have to see the plant as happy. I have to visualize this, in the face of apparent or objective reality.

Not only that, I have to do so from a place of no negative emotion. I could respond in fear. I could be attached to this plant because of how long I have cared for it, because it is my mother’s and I feel responsible for it, and then choose to be afraid that it will die. I could do things out of that fear, take action out of that fear. Throw stuff on it to heal it, study on how to revive it, transplant it – any number of things.

But if I take action out of fear, I am not in alignment with my own guidance, my own vortex as Abraham calls it. Any action I take in that way will probably, maybe even certainly, kill the plant. Because not only am I acting out of fear, I am seeing the plant as sick, I am seeing the plant in an undesirable state. I am solidly focused on what I do not want.

The stevia plant has its own guidance. The surest way for me to introduce interference to that guidance is to be out of alignment with my own guidance, act out of fear and see the plant as sick. It is probably not in the plant’s guidance to be sick or a state of stagnation. It seems likely to me that the only things in the plant’s guidance are happiness, health and vitality. I honestly feel that this plant wants to be happy. That it wants to be healthy and vital.

Also, taking action because of some idea that I know better, that my guidance is somehow superior to the plant’s, will bring in resistance. Because once again I am acting out of fear, or maybe pride, taking action from this place of fear or pride instead of love. It is exactly the same as a parent who drowns a child in rules. There is no trust either in the child’s guidance or in the parent’s. If you really trusted your guidance, you would have no need for rules.

Now it is not my concern what the plant’s guidance is. My concern is my own guidance. It is only helpful for me to realize that the best way for me to help the plant follow its guidance is for me to follow my own. To act out of love, to see the plant as happy, healthy and vital. If those things are in the plant’s guidance, that will support it and allow it to become that way. If they are not, or if the plant has no real guidance and just responds to its circumstances, it will give it something positive to respond to. Helpful for its growth.

This stevia plant has given me a gift. I can take this opportunity to be aware of my thoughts about the plant and change them. I can also learn to live and practice my own alignment. The best way I know to do that is to be aware of my feelings regarding the plant. Follow my emotional guidance system. From a place of love, unconditional love, that allows the plant to live or die as it chooses, to visualize it alive, happy, healthy and vital. To get past apparent or objective reality, because that would only be my truth, it would not necessarily be the plant’s truth or even the Truth.

I write this down to remember. I am setting my intention now to be in alignment in regards to this plant to love it unconditionally, and to visualize it in the way I would desire it to be, which is alive happy, healthy and vital.


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