This Land

Every thorn on every vine,
Is a drop of my blood or a bead of my sweat.

Every blade of grass,
A second spent in toil.

Every leaf on every tree,
A tear I did not allow myself to cry.

Every scratch on my skin,
Is an unfulfilled wish or dream.

This land is not my land,
Yet every square inch is a part of me.

This house is not my home,
But what else do I have to return to?

For 7 long years I have paid the price,
But what will remain of my investment should I return?

I have no answers to these questions,
Only more work to do, until the day I leave.


One thought on “This Land

  1. Illusions of mind
    Allow to fade.

    Your genuine efforts
    Are never in vain.

    The land will remember,
    The birds will take note.

    The branches will grow,
    The water will flow.

    Invest in yourself,
    Discover your Grace.

    Your heart will rejoice,
    Singing in praise.

    One day you come back,
    To visit that sight.

    It all will be changed,
    And nobody minds.

    Just shadow of past
    It soon will become.

    The circles of life,
    They must flow on.


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