Playing with the Thought Blocks

When I was a kid I used to play with Legos. A lot. My favorite thing in all the world, other than my radio, which I remember, even today, falling asleep to.

I could build anything I wanted. No limits beyond my imagination and what I could do with those little blocks. I think things happened that I lost my joy in them. But the joy of creating has never left me.

Started reading Mike Dooley’s, “Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things.” Been reading Sara book 3. Both books talk about the same thing using different language. And both are fun and playful. I was milking these last few chapters of Sara because I didn’t have anything that could bring me to that place of humor, laughing, smiling – feeling good just before I went to bed. But now, thanks to Mr. Dooley, I do. I can pass the joy of this Sara book on to the next library patron.

I had made a choice a few days ago, probably got the sickness my body is fighting right now as a result. I will not go into the details. If you are morbidly curious, you can track down my other blog and see for yourself. I do not advise that you do so. This place, I intend for it to be a good feeling, high vibration place. I will move all that other stuff over there. I want to encourage and inspire you. That other blog is sharply focused on the undesirable.

In my defense I have had to deal with a lot of stuff. I have been through, and am going through a lot. Sometimes I will need to let the toxicity out, and writing is a way I can do that. Lance the wound, get the infection out, allow it to heal.

In any case, reading Mr. Dooley last night (and a big thanks to him for this) I revisited this decision I made, this intention I set. I asked myself what I would loose if I did not do it. What I would gain if I did. Why I wanted to do it.

I realized that I could use my thoughts like I used to play with my Legos. I could build whatever I wanted in my mind, and as I proceeded through each day I could spend a few moments revisiting that image whenever I needed a reminder.

I won’t go into details but I used to carry around an image with me, 3 years ago now, when I first started blogging, a picture of the one I was blogging about. As I went through my day I would pull this image out of my pocket, lovingly trace my fingers around her image, think about her. Then I would put the image back in my pocket.

I could not gaze at that image all the time. That would be like Harry Potter gazing in that mirror at his parents, wasting away. You simply can’t function in the world trying to keep an image in mind of something you desire or want by force. You create too much resistance, you are paddling upstream. How would you drive a car or do your work?

No, Michael Bernard Beckwith, as I understood what he was saying in his book, had it wrong. Or I took it wrong. This is not about effort and force. I build whatever it is I want with my thoughts, and I carry that visualization with me as I go through my day. But the practice is to be aware and present, as much as possible. Fully there, doing whatever it is I am doing, or simply being in the moment if there is no doing.

But every once in a while I can return to this visualization, much like that image I would pull from my pocket. I can gaze it it, lovingly trace it with my finger, and most importantly, feel it. How will I feel once this is in my life experience? Reach for any good feeling thought you have related to this visualization, if you have none, reach for a good feeling thought in general.

The first key is to feel good. That is how you increase your vibration. That is how you get on your high flying disc. It starts with feeling good. But you will have to learn that your feeling good must be independent of your circumstances or the behavior of others. You have to find a way to feel good, even when things may not appear to be going as you would like. You have to leave things to faith and trust. Take your hands off of it.

The second key is to believe, with every fiber of your being, that your thoughts do indeed become things. Aware or not, conscious or not. You are always building something with those blocks of thoughts. So become aware of what you have been building, and if it is not what you want to be making for yourself, it is time to build something else.

I realized that despite my best efforts, I was building something undesirable for myself. It was time to take it apart and start over. So I said a prayer, admit and allow all beliefs, feelings and thoughts that caused me to set this intention, then in acceptance embrace them, then release them and let them go. The admit, allow and accept process.

I am now free to live these teachings. To take these blocks of thought and create something wonderful for myself. If I am not happy with how things are, right now, in my life, at this moment, that is OK. I know clearly what I do not want. Now I take that information and I construct something that I do want. The life I want to experience at some very near future moment. Then I carry that image with me, which I can refer back to whenever I need the reminder.

While I do this I practice awareness in the present moment. I reach for the thoughts that feel good, including this image I am carrying around with me in my mind. I think that is the process here. How to take those blocks of thought and build something desired with them.

Right now I will, somehow, visualize being energetic, healthy, vital and well. I will build that reality with my thought blocks, and work my way to that experience in my life. Then I am going to plan a trip, which really is a good feeling thought for me. I will plan my most desirable means of leaving this house and making my way to California, to the Big Sur area.

Even if I fail to create what I have built with my thought blocks, I will, by getting out on my own, grow and learn even more. Come to know and understand even more. Be in a place where the things I desire can more easily come to me, because I will have less resistance. Being around my family, with their differing beliefs and mindsets, it is hard sometimes to stay on my high flying disc. Haven’t learned how to keep others from pulling me off. So there is resistance. But being out on my own, no resistance. Maybe in that space things can happen that I have been holding off, we’ll see.

In any case, it seems stupid to do what I decided and intended without living these things I have learned first. If I live them, and fail, fine. I would be justified in whatever course of action I took. But as I have not yet lived them it is far too soon to be deciding certain courses of action and intending certain things. I am just starting to realize my power. Just starting to learn how to put these blocks together. The more I play with them, the more impressive will be my creations. I just need t sit down and start building. so that is what I am going to do.


One thought on “Playing with the Thought Blocks

  1. “You have to find a way to feel good, even when things may not appear to be going as you would like.” My favorite bit, and something I myself recently started putting to practice. Life isn’t easy or pretty. Life is a whole mountain of complications, trouble, issues, pain, fear, and everything else which goes in the box labeled with “Bad.” The times where everything is going as good as we want them are too little in amount. We have to learn to remove the shackles that life puts on us, remain positive and keep going even when it seems impossible to do so.


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