The Aftermath

So I am back here at BlissWriter. I spent the time I needed in the swamp over at my new blog Writing My Pain, which I do not recommend anyone here visit, because it is the exact opposite of everything this blog represents. That is a place of blood, darkness and shadows. You have been warned!

I was finally able to watch a little more of Esther and Jerry Hicks, Law of Attraction In Action I believe. For those who do not know, a collective consciousness called Abraham speaks through Esther Hicks, and this consciousness teaches the Law of Attraction.

Well this man got put in the hot seat, and right away had two of the same questions I have. I don’t Abraham answered either of them very well. In fact I had to stop the video for now – it was causing a lot of resistance in me. I want to watch these with an open, receptive mind.

The first question concerned Eckhart Tolle’s teachings of the preset moment. Abraham says, “Try living anything else.” In other words, we are in this present moment. There is no other moment than now. The issue the man had, and I have, is that Abraham’s teachings focus on the future, while you are living in the present moment. But I believe, that as Tolle teaches, all suffering is found in time. That is also where the ego is found, if something like the ego exists. I am trying to stop adopting beliefs in stuff like the ego and the subconscious mind.

I have practiced what Tolle teaches, at least I think I have, where I just “tune in” to whatever is going on right now. I am fully here, fully aware, and fully conscious. It is impossible for me to do this if my focus is on the future. I then become unconscious in the present moment. I loose awareness. Go ahead and try this with me now, see it for yourself. I promise it should not interfere with your belief systems.

Right now, just tune into these words. Become aware of your breath. Any light hitting your eyes, I have the sunlight coming in my window in my peripheral. Become aware of your skin, where it is resting. I have cutoffs on, the footrest of my recliner up, so I can feel where my flesh touches the vinyl or whatever it is. I can feel that warmth. I woke up with some sort of ear issue, like my ears are plugged, so I have that going on. My fingers are typing this, and I feel that. I can hear the fan in the room outside. I can feel the air pushed from that fan on my skin. So I am tuned in, right now, to this moment. I am fully aware and conscious of everything around me, all I am feeling, all I am seeing, hearing, even the taste of the pizza I just had for lunch, the cool air coming in my nostrils. All five senses are fully engaged.

Now you do the same. Tune in to each word, the position of your body, what you are feeling, what is engaging your senses as you read this. Just tune in to this moment, right now. Become fully aware and conscious. Spend a few moments here, and when you are ready, proceed.

OK, now focus on the future. Think about something you really want. Experience it in your imagination, in your mind, in whatever way you can. Give me a moment to think of something and I will join you. This will be harder for me writing this as I am…I have to stop typing. I am thinking about a woman. Envisioning the woman I want to be with. Right now she has long, curly blond hair and I can barely glimpse her face. That’s all the detail I can see in my mind’s eye. If I stopped typing I could put myself more there, engage more senses.

Now try it for yourself. Try reading this while you envision the future. While you are focusing on the future and something you want. You can’t do it, can you? You have to stop reading and focus on that, or stop focusing on that and start reading. One or the other.

While I am envisioning something I want, something in the future I want to manifest, I have to stop being here. I have to stop typing. I can only be all there, or all here, or even all in the past. Being in the past and being in the future are the same sorts of experience. Both take me out of the present moment. I no longer hear the fan, or feel the air on my skin, or am aware of the light streaming in my window, or any of that stuff. It is all gone.

Imagine living like that! Completely focused on the future, on what you want, what you see in your minds eye, what you imagine. Try driving to work like that! Good luck! The point is, and I have just proven it in my own experience, and if you followed me you proved it for yourself, that you can not be fully aware and conscious right here and now in this present moment while thinking about the past or the future. Yet Abraham teaches us to focus on the future, on what we want. Unless I have a misunderstanding here.

Abraham just sort of brushed this question off, but I see it as a serious issue. Yet I feel that there may be a way that both teachings are correct. There should be a way to be aware, be present, while thinking about what it is you want, seeing it on your mind’s eye. imagining it, then letting that image go, proceeding through your day, fully aware and conscious, moment by moment, pausing to go back to that image whenever you feel bad, indicating that you are not a vibrational match for your desire. Pause, tune in, match up to what you want, let it go, continue in the present moment.

I am still trying to figure this out for myself, and I will surely share what I learn as I learn it. You can try that for now and see if it works. Because I really believe in what Tolle is teaching, and I really believe in what Abraham is teaching. I think there is a way they fit, if we can only figure out how. Maybe I will get through my own resistance to writing a book and write something on that subject. We’ll see.

The other thing concerned how much the Hicks charged for their workshops. The guy believed Abraham should make its teachings more readily available to those who can not afford it. Abraham says that they will not come to where a person is, that a person has to come to them. In other words, Abraham is in tune with the same place all our Higher Selves are in tune with. Abraham does not have a lack or limitation mindset. So Abraham will not adopt such a mindset simply to talk to someone in lack and limitation. Abraham will not stoop down, in other words, to pick someone up. It is more like Jesus commanding a man to take up his bed and walk. Jesus didn’t bend down and help the man up. Just commanded him to rise up. When the man obeyed, he could walk. We have to be a vibrational match for Abraham and what we want, we have to rise up to meet Abraham.

There is definite value in that. Abraham is empowering us. It is not empowering to bend down and help us up. We might wish for that, but we then become dependent on the one bending down. As a parent you can hold the backseat of your child’s bike for as long as you want, ensure they never fall down. But they will have to fall down and get up, maybe a number of times, before they learn to balance on their own. As long as you hold that seat, they will never be able to balance the bike in their own. Your help is actually not helping them at all!

So a conference or workshop that charges $500.00 or so to attend definitely gives us an opportunity to rise up to the occasion, meet Abraham where they are, and manifest the money needed to attend. Much of that money goes to paying for the facilities and staff. Esther Hicks should be compensated for her time, for wear and tear and fuel for the bus. I get that. There are cruises I would like to go on, for thousands of dollars, and if I wanted it badly enough I could focus on that and manifest the money for it.

But there are a few things that Abraham does not seem to have taken into consideration. The first is a person’s belief system. I wanted to go to the I Am Light conference in Portland, Oregon. I wanted it badly enough I earned the money to go. And it was not worth it. No disrespect to Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani. But it was not a transformative experience, the seats were uncomfortable, and I am not sure as to the value of what I learned. In fact the only real value is that I got to go, and I met a woman I had easy conversation with when I went to fetch my lunch. In both cases I accomplished something that I had never been able to accomplish before.

But it was not worth beating the shit out of my body, helping my parent’s friends move. It was not worth the damage done to my physical body, the sweat, the long driving, the loading and emptying of two U-Haul trucks, the long hours spent – just not worth any of it.

Here is the important thing… My beliefs in how money comes to me manifested this in response to my desire to go to I Am Light. I only believed I could earn money. I have always had to work hard for it and earn it. I was raised with this belief. I have since dropped it, after the conference, but the groove the train of thought travels on is still there. The rails have not been taken up yet. I gave the Universe only one way to fulfill my desire, so that is what it used. I knew enough from the books I had read and videos I had watched to get that far.

It would have been of far greater benefit for me to have attended an Abraham workshop hosted for free in a local church or something, where I could then have had the tools needed to remove the limitations I had, from my beliefs, in how the Universe would provide. A free workshop would have allowed me to come without having to figure out how to manifest money to pay for it, and I could then have acquired the tools I needed so that I could more easily manifest the funds to see Wayne Dyer at I Am Light, without killing myself off for the money. Without all the pain and suffering.

Even Abraham teaches how we have to reach for the best feeling thought. We may not be able to make the big jumps from where we are to where we want to be. So how does Abraham expect people in a lack or limitation mindset to make the jump from there to an abundance mindset, so they can manifest the money needed to go to a workshop?

So the man has a point, that in some cases, it would be of benefit if the teachings of Abraham were free. It would help a lot of people if Esther did a free workshop, using facilities that will allow her to do so with little no out of pocket expense. She would not be paid for her time, the wear and tear on the bus, or the fuel. But if she is living the Art of Allowing all those things should be easily for her to manifest for herself. She could then meet people, who have a lack or limitation mindset, who want to change, but because of that mindset don’t know how. She could work with them, giving them the tools they needed, through the teachings of Abraham and the Law of Attraction. That would enable them to change their mindset and begin to move more in the direction of what they want.

Abraham is right in that Esther should not provide a free workshop, or lower the price, or anything like that, just to meet people at a lower vibration to make the world a better place or heal the world or anything like that. The reasoning is wrong. But she should do it out of a motivation of helping others, serving in the natural flow of her life, enabling and empowering others, who would benefit from the workshop, but could not pay for one normally.

If someone is stuck on a lack or limitation mindset, but they want out of it, and they don’t have beliefs that would close them off to a teacher like Abraham, then they need someone to help them. How are they going to get out of the mindset if they don’t know how, don’t have the tools to do so? I think of my parents, who have this mindset, and are hardcore Christians. They would not benefit from a free workshop with Abraham because they could not accept the form of the teacher. But I know they are both tired of limited funds and resources. If there are others out there, like them, but without a belief system closing them off to the form of the teacher, they could seriously benefit from a day long workshop with Abraham. Maybe have it be something where everyone brings a food item, and have it be donation supported.

That’s another thing. If Esther is really living the Art of Allowing then a sure way to prove that would be to find a facility and set everything up for a free, donation supported workshop. She would then have to trust tat the Universe provided all the funds needed to pay for everything, including any up-front costs she may have. How else to better practice what you preach than that? Nobody could ever doubt the teachings, if Esther comes in and pays for everything with donations! Hell Jesus didn’t charge people to listen to him, and He gave them free lunch! So what gives, Abraham?

I feel there is something not quite right here. I feel that Wayne Dyer is not as amazing as I guess I made him out to be. Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer must walk their paths as I must walk mine. I have set a determination that I will live the Law of Attraction teachings, that if they are true that is how I will pay for things. I have released and let go of my beliefs about having to earn money, although changing this decades long though process may not be as easy as saying the words I release it and let it go. If I ever speak or teach publicly, it will be donation supported, and I will trust that the Universe provide. I may do some luxury events, to give people a goal to set and align themselves to. Because that would empower them. But I would give all the needed tools out freely at first, so everyone had access to them.

I guess I am thankful, maybe appreciative, all that has happened in all of this. I learned how to manifest something I really wanted through the process of helping my parent’s friends move. Now I see more clearly how I want to be as a teacher, and how I would like to run things. I know what I did not like, I know what I liked, and I will remember this. So I have been granted clarity from all of this. And I think I can honestly say I am glad Esther has a 2 million dollar bus to drive around, showing that, for the most part, she is living the Art of Allowing. She proves the validity of her teachings, as does Wayne Dyer, who lives on Maui, as does Eckhart Tolle who as far as I know, lives much more simply.

If I am to be a spiritual teacher, I now have a fairly clear idea of exactly how I want to be as one. If I am going to live that life, I know the kind of life experience I want to have. I want to live a life of abundance, and do so without feeling I have to earn it. I shouldn’t have to earn abundance anymore than I should have to earn love. Both are to be given and received unconditionally.


One thought on “The Aftermath

  1. “It is not empowering to bend down and help us up. We might wish for that, but we then become dependent on the one bending down…” This is a no-brainer, but the way you said it completely resonated with me. We have to be able and willing to do the work, plain and simple. I think this idea, for me, gives a whole new meaning to co-creating. Spirit will ensure it happens, as long as we are willing to play our part. Of course I knew all of this already, but it just became so much more clear. Or perhaps I just became more aware of it. Either way, thank you… FYI: I have a blog that I use for the not so great stuff too. It’s good to get it out sometimes. Namaste.


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