Plug In To Your Passion

I watched a video I made just a few minutes ago. A video compiled from the clips of three movies, if memory serves. A video that required me to learn two programs; Audacity and Adobe Audition, as well as the processes of video editing. A video that led to me starting my first blog, Romance Beyond Reality, which lead to A Different Path, which has led to Bliss Writer. It all started with this video I made. I will provide a link here, but it may not make sense to you:

I am not willing to go into the details. I will simply tell you something I came to understand tonight, after watching it again for the first time in probably well over a year. I see how much loving effort and work I put into this video. Not just the technical stuff, syncing up the scenes with the song. But the choice of song and some undercurrent of emotion or feeling behind it. Maybe others can’t sense it, but I can.

This is what happened when I did something out of what could only be called a burning passion. This is what is known in some circles as inspired work or inspired action. It is the culmination of what I have been trying to tell you in these last few articles. That our only work is to be ourselves, to do what we love to do, to do what we are passionate about, to do whatever it is that compels us, draws us and speaks to us.

When our work comes as a result of doing something we love, something we are passionate about, when it is driven by that, when it flows from that, we can do anything. I mean that literally. We can accomplish anything. In this small example of mine my passion drove me to learn all these things I had to learn. It was the energy behind all the effort and time I put into this. It is what allowed me to work with this to the finest detail.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t normally install some new software I have never used before on my computer, requiring skills I have never developed or used, and create something I consider to be a masterpiece. Some may argue with me on that. It’s OK. As I said I can see it. I know how much effort and time went into this, and even though this experience culminated in a lot of pain for me, almost more pain and suffering that I could bear, I do not regret it, because it shows me what I am telling you.

That when we are driven by love and expressing our passion the end result is our Mona Lisa. We can do anything, learn anything. There is no training needed for this. We don’t have to be educated at all. In fact many of those we call geniuses, in the artistic and scientific worlds, never went to high school, much less college. All of that is utter nonsense. It is yet another false belief held by society.

When we listen to our heart and follow where it takes us, it is an unfailing guide. It will pull us through anything and everything. If we were inspired to draw someone or something, and we had never picked up a paintbrush before, learned color theory or how to use the various tools of a painter, we could still create something beautiful. It may be flawed in the eyes of our critics. But I guarantee that it will be beautiful. Not at all like the symbol drawing of our childhood, which we carried with us into adulthood.

But if you wanted to paint, and you had this burning desire, this love, this passion, you would devour anything you needed to learn. You would learn the techniques. You would learn how to use the tools. Doing what you love to do would give you the energy to acquire the skills you needed. If you could just give yourself, with full abandon, to your love, whatever it is, it will carry you through any obstacle course of technical requirements.

Rumi was not born a poet. He did not take his language equivalent of English 101 and 102 in college. Shams swept in, and in some way I don’t understand, became Rumi’s passion. When Shams was killed or murdered, it only inspired Rumi even more. His passion continued to drive him, in all his writings. Rumi remains today, over 800 years later, one of the most amazing poets in human history. That is what abandoning yourself to your passion will do for you.

When I abandoned myself to my passion, my love, which I can not explain and am not willing to talk about, beyond this mention of it, I created this video, even though I had never edited a video in my life before, even though I had never used the tools needed to do so. I didn’t go to college and take some sort of course. I never trained myself. I threw myself into the creation of this video, my monument to my love. I wonder what I could have done with even better equipment and tools!

It was only a small thing. Just a video, it may not be remembered at all after I have left my physical body. But it shows me that there is nothing I can not do. It shows me that if I could do that, then I could do far greater things. Things that would be remembered, long after I have left the world. Maybe even 800 years from now.

The only requirement is that I be myself. In being myself, doing what I love to do, my work will be inspired. In doing inspired work I find my passion, if the work itself is not my passion. I do not know what this right now. I do not know what thing it is that I can do, driven by my passion, by my love. I have not found my inspired work yet. This video was not it. It was driven by love for another.

Whatever it is that is my passion, I will have a love for that. It may be inspired by someone, or by the love of someone. But the passion will be for the work itself. It will be the work I love to do. The work that I can do in the natural flow of my life. The work I could do, every day, for the rest of my life and never grow bored of it or get tired of it. I could do it forever and my enthusiasm for it would never wane.

I hope it is easier for you. I hope that as you read these words I am writing you glimpse in your mind, or you just know, what it is that you love to do. What it is that you are passionate about. I hope you find the courage, faith and trust to drop whatever it is you are doing now, no matter the consequences, and go after that.

When our work is inspired, we have an effect on others. They begin to do their inspired work. Imagine the effect on the world if every human’s work was inspired, driven by their collective and individual love and passion! But we can not charge others with that energy if we are not plugged into it ourselves. We plug in by being ourselves, and doing what we love to do. When we are living the life we came here to experience, others are encouraged to do the same, and the whole of creation benefits.

We remember those people in our past we think of as great. Those artists and scientists. Their effect on teh world is felt even today. But we forget that we can be what others call great as well. In reality it is not that we are great, it is that we are true. Everyone we think of as great was true to themselves, their love, their passion, their vision. That is what gave them what we think of as their greatness. That is how their effect is felt in the world even today.

So in order for us to have that effect on the world, for us to become what others would label as great, we just have to be ourselves, and let our work flow from doing that which we love, that which we are passionate about, that which we envision. That energy will bring us through any obstacle that stands in our way, be it something we need to learn or a talent we need to develop.

But plug into your love, passion and vision first so you have the energy to carry you through the other stuff. Don’t try to learn everything others and yourself tell you that you need to learn. Throw out any list of requirements. Be yourself, and in being yourself find the doing that makes you feel good and which brings you the most joy. Do that and the rest will take care of itself.

One thought on “Plug In To Your Passion

  1. Some of you may be thinking, “Well it’s obvious! Your passion is writing!”

    No, it is not. Writing is something I excel at. But it is not something I am passionate about.

    I know this because, if I could trade in proficiency at writing for a proficiency at drawing instead, I would.

    You love the thing which you are passionate about, and you wouldn’t even consider getting rid of it. It is as vital to you as breathing.

    That’s how I know writing is not my passion. One could argue it is a gift, skill or talent. I prefer to say it is what I am good at, but not what I love.


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