The How Is Not Your Business!

Just something that came to me, watching one of the Law of Attraction In Action workshops that Esther and Jerry Hicks do.

At the end of this video, a lady comes up and she talks about how she has reinvented herself many times. I can tell from her voice that she is in a lot of pain. Or at least I think that is what I am sensing.

She talks about winning the lottery to pay for a new house, and immediately I saw what the issue was. Of course Abraham knew of this also.

She was focusing so intently on where she was in her life experience. How she did not want to be there. She had incredible resistance to what is, and as a result reinforced her current life experience.

She was also telling the Universe exactly how the money should come to her. I recognized this mistake. I did the same thing. When I helped my parent’s friends move, I hurt my physical body, did damage to it that still has not healed. Of course I am also, in this moment, focusing very hard on what is instead of what I want, which is for my body to be energetic, healthy well and vital.

In my case I had this belief, which I wrote about in a previous post, that I had to earn money. I also had this very strong focus on what I wanted, to see Wayne Dyer here in a few days in Portland. The end result is that an opportunity came to earn the money I needed to go. Just the money I needed to go, no more. And I had to work hard for it.

Do you see it? This lady, like me, is telling the Universe the way things have to happen. But the truth is you can get a new house in many different ways. You could inherit it from some unknown recently deceased relative. You could be given it. You could be given land and the opportunity to build you own. You could be given money for it. You could be given money for a raise allowing you to pay for a new place. On and on it goes.

The way the house comes to you will be reflected by what you believe. If you have any beliefs that cause you to resist the idea of getting the new house you want, you will not get it. End of story. This lady believed the only way she could get a new house was by winning the lottery.

What does winning the lottery mean? A lot of money, all at once. So she really believed that she had to have a large amount of money, all at once, to pay for a new house. Maybe she had a belief against debt and making payments. Whatever the reason, the Universe is then limited to provide in only that way, which slows things down significantly.

The lady probably also had beliefs against being deserving or worthy of a new place. The fact she says she had been reinventing herself tells me she is not loving and accepting herself as she is. That she feels she must change to meet some standard. As long as she believes or feels she is not worthy or deserving of the new house, it can not manifest for her.

For myself, I have always been taught (some would call it programmed, I prefer indoctrinated) that I have to work hard to earn anything I want. I have to earn it. Getting the things I need or want are conditional on my behavior. I am, essentially, a child who has to be good all year so Santa will give him presents on Christmas.

I am glad I came to see this belief that was restricting the way the Universe could respond to my request. Awareness was the key here, before I was unaware of this belief and the effect it was having on me.

It is not our job to determine how a thing will manifest. That is none of our business. It is also not our job to help the Universe along. Do you honestly believe the Universe needs your help? That’s like a little child trying to help an adult do something the child is obviously not capable of doing. We just get in the way.

It is also not to us to either determine all the ways something can come to us. We have to stop focusing on where we are or how it might happen or the way we ant it to happen. Focusing on where we are is like putting down a heavy anchor. The stream is flowing and we go nowhere. Trying to make it happen is like rowing upstream. It will only exhaust us and make us believe or feel that this manifestation stuff doesn’t work. That’s when some of us start calling it thinks like, “New Age bullshit!” Talk about resistance!

Our work, our only work, is to figure out what we want. That’s it. We figure out what we want and we focus on that. We don’t ignore how things are. It is a good practice to be aware and present each moment. We can more easily tune into what we are feeling. Because when we are feeling good we are moving downstream, and when we are feeling bad we are either at anchor or rowing upstream.

So we acknowledge how things are, what is, in this moment. But only so far as to determine what it is we want, based, usually, on having a very clear idea of what we do not want. This lady did not want her current home or place of residence. She very clearly wanted a new house. I did not want to miss out on seeing Wayne Dyer, what I saw as a once in a lifetime opportunity. I very clearly wanted to go see him.

Her preset moment experience was that she was living wherever she lived and was not happy about it. My present moment experience, before I had the money to buy the ticket, was that I did not have the money for a ticket. I had no way to pay for going to that event. I don’t know about the lady, but I can say that for me, had I focused solely on what was true at that time, that I did not have a ticket and I did not want to miss out on the event, I would never have been able to go. The opportunity (based on my belief of earning) to earn the money would never have manifested.

I hope these examples paint a very clear picture for you. Determine what beliefs you have between you and that which you desire. Determine where you are in relation to where you want to be. Then focus upon what it is you desire, paying no mind to how things are. You allow things to be as they are. You accept things as they are. There is no resistance to you and your present moment experience.

But your focus is clearly and solidly upon that which you desire. Not in comparison to where you are – that is looking back. Not on where you are – that is dropping anchor. You are aware and present in this moment, yet you see clearly in your mind that which you desire, and you are enjoying the feelings associated with how it will be when this has manifested in your life.

That which responds can not tell the difference between your current experience and an imagined one. It only responds to your feelings, and if you are feeling resistant or restricted, that is how it will respond to you. If you are feeling open and receptive, that is how it will respond to you.

Be aware, present, open and receptive. Think about how wonderful it will be when this thing you desire manifests into your life experience. Whenever your thoughts stray, and you start to look around and dwell on how things are now, gently bring yourself back to thoughts of your desire, and the wonderful feelings associated with it.

Remember, the how is not your business!


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