The Concept of Earning – Another False Belief

So another belief that I have decided to drop is this idea that I have to earn money. I have always felt that I was obligated to earn money. I was raised to work hard. The code was straight from the Bible, “…that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” But I have come to understand that this is yet another false belief.

Do you pay for the air you breathe? Do you work for it? Does anyone charge you for the air you use (with the exception of those using diving gear)? Sounds ridiculous, unless you are a diver, right? You don’t feel that you should have to pay for the air you breathe. It is your right to breathe. If you don’t breathe you don’t live.

Yet somehow we, as a society, have come up with this strange idea that we have to pay for food and water. We have to eat food and drink water to live too. We have just as much a right to food and drink as we do to air as we do to live.

We also, as a society, believe that we own the land we pay for. I have a neighbor that used to be in real estate and takes it as far as she owns the airspace over the land. But who actually honors this contract? Humans, for the most part. But birds will come onto your land. Insects. Deer and other animals. They don’t care one bit about this land you feel you own.

If an asteroid were to fall to earth, are you going to command it to leave your airspace and not land on your property? Nope. You have no say. It will fall where it wants and land where it wants. If a tornado comes down and your land is in its path, you can kiss your shit goodbye. If there is a hurricane, same story. Flood, same story. The very planet itself, and the universe, don’t give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks of as theirs!

The truth is you own nothing. You can’t take it with you when you die, and you can’t keep nature from taking it or trespassing on it either. The truth is everything on this earth, and everything made from the materials on it, belong to everyone and everything that inhabits this planet, equally. You can not steal, as far as this earth, nature or the universe is concerned. Whatever you steal, as far as society is concerned, is actually made up of materials that you own equally with everyone else.

The truth is that only in human society is this concept found of possessing something, although you may see examples of it in the animal kingdom. Yet I’ll wager if you could talk to an animal that seems to be keeping something away from other animals or protecting the place where it lives the animal is not thinking anything at all like, “Mine!” We have this idea of a possession in society so we can get along, essentially. Otherwise we would all just be stealing from each other all the time, fighting over the land we live on and the things we have on that land.

It is an agreement that humans have so we can live together in relative peace. If a human wants to be a part of human society he or she has to follow the rules, and the rules say that if someone is perceived to have ownership of something, he or she can’t take it away. Not that humans aren’t illegally and legally taking stuff away from each other all the time. It seems this rule has become more of a guideline lately.

If you equally own everything on this planet, and everything made of materials on this planet, with every other living creature, then you can not earn anything. It is already yours by right, by virtue of being alive. Just as air is yours by right simply because you are alive, and air is required for you to continue to have life.

The belief that money and things must be earned is a collective societal belief, and it is just as wrong as the twisted interpretation of, ”Do unto others…” I discussed in my previous False Belief article. Humans agree that paper and pieces of metal have some sort of value, that their time has some sort of value that can be paid with these things, and that items including food and water have some sort of value that can be paid with these things.

But we as a race took it too far, and now people are not getting the food and water that is theirs by right. We have no right to keep these things from them. We have sentenced those who can not earn these things to death. Whether we are aware we are doing this or not, it makes no difference. The blood of every person who starves to death is on our hands, collectively and individuality.

We were not born into this world to get educated, get a job, work until retirement, and die (if we are even allowed to work until retirement.) We were put here to have the life experience we chose before we became physical. Our only real work is to be ourselves, to be true to ourselves, I can not emphasize this enough.

Out of that, a natural byproduct of being ourselves, having the life experience we came here to have, we will be doing something. There is a phrase for this I got from Abraham I like. What we would be doing is “Inspired Work.”

In other words, in being ourselves there are things we love to do, and we do them. This is our work. It is not required for us to do these things in order to live. But if we want to live enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful lives, we have to do what we love, not what others tell us we should do. When we do what others tell us we should do we deny ourselves, we are not being true to ourselves, and as a result we do not have the life experience we came here to have.

It is time to throw out this idea (which, like many others, has been twisted around) that we have to work to eat. We don’t. In fact it is better for us not to work at all, if in working we deny ourselves and are doing something that we do not find enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful. Better to not work at all than to do work that is not ours to do. Better still to be ourselves and do whatever compels us, draws us and speaks to us. Whatever it is we love to do.

If we feel we have to earn every dollar we receive, and we have to work in some way for everything we possess, we put resistance between us and the things we need and want. We make things harder for ourselves. At best we row upstream, against the current, and wear ourselves out. Ever wonder how come so many people who, having worked all their lives then retired, don’t live very long? The same reason the fish that swim upstream to mate don’t live very long (if I remember my facts about fish spawning at all.) At worst we park the boat on the shore and go nowhere, and never experience the life we came here to experience.

Get rid of this sill idea that you have to earn everything and work for everything and you remove the resistance between you and whatever it is you want or need. Society may still require you to pay for things in order to posses them. Fine. But get the money to pay for those things following your bliss, listening to your heart, doing what makes you feel good, what brings you joy, as you allow yourself to be who you are. Let the money come to you, in whatever way it will, and stop trying to specify how it does so. Just let it come, be appreciative, be thankful.

Throw out any stupid ideas about charity while you are at at. Open yourself up, be receptive. Choose right now to have the life experience you came here for. Stop buying into the life experience others tell you that you should have, or they think is right for you, etc. Tune those voices out.

The only person who knows what to do with their life is you, without exception. You may not believe or feel you know what’s best for you, but you do. You may be in a similar situation as me, where you are unclear about your dreams and purpose. I am learning that my purpose should unfold simply by being myself. So just be yourself, love and accept yourself, and take action from there. Let any work you do flow from that.


One thought on “The Concept of Earning – Another False Belief

  1. I am so delivering a million high fives to you. This is my thinking also. I’m maneuvering ..i guess that’s the word…into enjoying life on my terms, even if it is not the traditional manner that is force feed to us. Just the thought and feeling that came with it was uplifting…Great to know someone else feels that way too.


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