My Thoughts About What Has Happened In Arkansas and Indiana – WARNING! CONTROVERSIAL!

How interesting the the LGBT community, and its supporters, are using the phrase “religious freedom” for their sexual bias or preference.

And how much more interesting that “religious freedom” apparently trumps “personal freedom.”

If I start a business it is my right to say who can enter my business space, and who can be my customer. That is part of my “personal freedom” as an American citizen.

I am ashamed to see the authority figures in Indiana and Arkansas caving into the public, violating the rights of American business owners.

I am even more ashamed to see so many people, around the nation, taking a stand against this, and nobody anywhere doing anything about bigger problems like Monsanto or Obamacare.

You may have a right to be Lesbian, Gay, Bi or Transsexual (or Transgender.) But I have the right to be straight and heterosexual, to only want to do business with other heterosexual or straight people, and to not support any other sexual preference.

How long will it be before those of us who are heterosexual and straight will have to stand up for our rights? Because right now the LGBT community and its supporters are trampling all over us.

In the end its not about sexual bias or preference or whatever it is. This is a symptom of societal sickness, the cause found in sexual repression, enforced primarily through religion. The founders of our country are ultimately responsible for this. But pointing fingers won’t fix the issue. neither will criticizing and judging each other.

We need to get rid of sexual repression, and when that has been done, when people are free of sexual repression, the societal disease of sexual deviancy will simply vanish.

In other words, the main religion in America is Christianity and its offshoots, and the Christian religion is filled with prudes when it comes to the naked human body and sex. Stop preaching at people that they should be ashamed of their bodies and the act of sex, and that will end sexual repression. Once that ends all sexual deviation will eventually cease.

If you put pressure on something long enough, like America has concerning sex, it will eventually explode all over the place, which is what we are experiencing now in this country.


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