Young Muslim Woman

She takes her seat,
Then remains still.

Covered head to toe,
Only a sliver of her face,
Is revealed.

How strange,
Those black, square eyebrows,
Above her quiet eyes!

She remains silent,
Her expression unreadable,
Only her eyes move.


One thought on “Young Muslim Woman

  1. This young woman is a perfect example of the sexual repression running rampant in all fundamentalist religions. Nothing of her body can be seen, her head is covered, her undoubtedly beautiful hair hidden, a long black robe covers even her feet. Only her general shape is given, leaving everything to the imagination!

    Now image if she boarded the train completely nude. Nothing hidden, therefore nothing left to the imagination. Sure there may be an initial urge of sexual stimulation in any males seeing her. But if she were always seen that way, always naked, nothing hidden, all sexual interest would eventually die out.

    That’s just the way humans are wired. When we see something, day after day, we become anesthetized to it, we are no longer sensitive to it. If an alien race were to come down from outer space and walk among us, sure, for the first few months or so we would notice. After that most of us we would be treating them just like we treat other humans.

    Ask the women who live in the city where the statue of David stands tall and proud, his manhood revealed, if he stirs in them even the slightest sexual interest anymore. My guess is they probably don’t even notice him.

    With this young Muslim woman, and I am presuming she is Muslim only by her dress, this was the first time I had encountered one, and a young woman dressed like this. It drove me nuts trying to figure out what she looked like!

    It is having the opposite effect of what the Muslim men and the people in the Muslim community want it to have. Their own belief system creates the hell of the world that they live in. Where liberal Americans are the enemy.

    Sort of like Amish preachers in the back country somewhere talking about the sin of modern society and how it can lead their young people astray. Really Muslims and the Amish would probably find they have more in common than differences, and would be happiest living together than with the rest of us!

    One other thing occurs to me. The damage being done to this young woman by forcing her to wear clothing that hides her beauty, as if being beautiful were something to be ashamed of. Or worse, to, in a sense, reserve her for only other Muslims to be attracted to. Forcing her into a limited selection, assuming she even gets to choose who she marries and eventually has sex with.

    I bet the most difficult thing for a Muslim woman to do is to get undressed. Showering must be sheer torture. For some of them maybe those few times they can be naked is liberating, but my guess is they would be punished if they acted liberated.

    I empathize. I don’t know what all these Muslim women have to go through. I imagine it is sheer hell. But I know what it feels like to be ashamed of my body and its natural functions. Her pain must be immense, especially if she will be forced into marriage with someone she does not love. Rape is sex with someone you do not want to have sex with. Have you ever thought about that? Muslim women are, in effect, being raped, as part of the Muslim belief system.

    I hope this young woman I saw has more freedom than that, and, being in America, is smart enough to figure out how to escape her community, her family and her religion to find her own life path.


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