Thoughts On Productivity

I was watching Alaska, The Last Frontier with my dad tonight. It’s his favorite show. I watched them mill a twin female cow because she was sterile, and therefore of no use. I remember commenting to my dad something like, “Imagine if that’s how it was in society!”

Yes, let’s take a moment to imagine this. Some sort of group that decides if we are productive or not, or of any value to the rest of humanity. If we are not we are killed. The way I see it I would be one of those killed in such a scenario. Well at least we wouldn’t have overpopulation issues anymore!

No, I feel such a way of thinking, such a set of beliefs, is wrong. Yet our world revolves around the idea of being productive. We don’t get shot if we are not productive. But we are seen as having less value if we are not.

Honestly these people up there in Alaska keep saying it’s the best way to live and I have to disagree, simply because there is no room in such an environment for non-productive members of the family. If you are too old to work anymore then it falls on others to pick up the slack. If you have a baby it falls to others to pick up the slack. Everyone has to be able to contribute by working and there is little room for say, an artist.

What if that new baby is strong enough to follow his own path, and choose to to live on the homestead but do no more work than using a paintbrush? What then? What if this person gets married, and has children? Who will provide for this family?

Chances are though that will not happen. His parents will whittle away in him to conform him and make him a contributing member of the homestead. They will pound him into a round hole, whether he is a round peg or not.

Chances are they won’t give this child a chance to live his own life and walk his own path, if it is not compatible with life on the homestead. So the young man will grow up and run away, to live his life, or he will be carved into what they want him to be, all his dreams crushed and his purpose forgotten.

So that is not the best way for humans to live. It exemplifies this pervading belief in modern society that everyone, to have any value, must contribute in some way, must be productive, and that is utter bullshit. I will explain why.

In order to determine if someone is productive or not you have to criticize or judge them. If you are criticizing or judging someone you are not loving and accepting them as they are.

Also the very idea that everyone has to be a productive member of society means that each and every person has to justify their existence. Their value, their worth, lies in how much the contribute, how much they produce, how hard they work.

Existence can not be justified. The very fact someone exists proves that they have a right to exist! If someone didn’t have a right to exist they would not come into existence in the first place! Just being alive is proof of your right to exist. You no more need to justify your existence then you need to justify why you are alive.

Let’s not forget that in a society where everyone has to prove their worth someone has to decide who is not worthy. Some line has to be drawn. It is very dangerous for those in power to have the ability to draw a line and say that people on one side of it do not deserve to live! Hitler and the Nazi’s anyone? Or the people being slaughtered in Africa?

So any society based on productivity is a flawed society. There is no room for people to be non-productive, based on whatever that society defines as non-productive. Of what value are artists in such a society? That includes everyone from actors to writers!

What about people who just want to play video games and smoke weed all day? I’ll bet if you know someone like that, you just thought of them, with a frown on your face and all sorts of beliefs about them, about how they should be, about how its wrong for them to be as they are.

Another issue with our current modern society viewpoint is that action is the most important thing. Effort and trying. Making something happen. That is perceived to be the best way. But the best way would be to focus on what you want, then take action, and only where it can be taken in the natural flow of your life.

In other words with the current societal view people may make a prayer request, then instead of working with their feelings and focusing on what they want, they go out and do something to make it happen. So they get in the way, creating resistance between what they want and what they receive.

Also sometimes what they want, and what they are focused on, are two different things. If they are focused on what they do not want they get that, because that is where all their energy has gone. In Abraham’s terms, that is what they are a vibrational match for.

In such a society people do not learn how to take their hands off the wheel. In fact it feels unnatural to make your request and leave it to whatever or whoever you call God. It seems like you should do something, that you have to try to make it happen. Again to use Abraham’s terms, you paddle upstream.

This is exactly how we see this family living on their homestead. In that situation it seems only logical, the only reasonable course of action. If you want a house you may not be able to just dream it into place! The idea sounds ridiculous. You have a few months to get a house up or you freeze during the winter.

But the viewpoint becomes fixed on effort and trying. On being productive. This is a flawed viewpoint. Maybe in such a lifestyle effort and trying are required. But somehow the focus has to be more flexible. Somehow a “hands off” approach has to be practiced, and work has to be done in the natural flow of a life.

I have no idea how that would work. But, as I have no home of my own. I guess I am in a perfect place to figure it out. Because I was raised to work hard. I was raised to put effort into things, to try to make things happen. But manifestation does not work that way. It is the opposite in fact.

So how do I apply it practically, so that it works consistently and reliably? How can a more balanced viewpoint can be adopted? A more balanced society can be created, where people do not have to justify their existence or prove their worth by the productivity. Someone has to lay the foundation for a better world for future generations. So I guess I will see what comes into the natural flow of my life to do to help lay that foundation.

Hopefully you can see now how raising your children to work hard, to be productive, is really just chopping and hammering them into some sort of perceived shape so they will conform to society. You care about your children. You want them to “make it out there.” But if you really love them, you will stop your chiseling and pounding, and allow them to be as they are, loving and accepting first yourself, then them, as they are.

By all means teach them to work hard. But also teach them to take their hands off the wheel when needed. Don’t teach them that working hard is some worthy attribute or penultimate state, because it is not. Only ocean waves bash themselves against a shoreline. When you teach your children to work hard, don’t make it a priority, and apply it to their dreams, something that is calling, compelling or driving them.

Ignore whatever society says about their chosen path. Teach them to work hard in the direction of their dreams, but that working hard is not the first priority. Teach them that focusing on what they want and seeing this vision in whatever way they can in their mind’s eye is the most important thing. The hard work should come as a natural, flowing extension of that.

Be sure you love and accept them as they are, conforming or not, productive or not, working hard or not. Support them as they jump out of the nest to start flying in the directions of their dreams on their life path. Don’t break them out of the egg, or try to flap their wings for them! Let them be the ugly duckling or the beautiful swan, whatever they happen to be.

Your only job is to support them, and give them the tools to make it on their own, to figure things out for themselves. There is no need to take God’s perfect creation and turn it into something else!


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