Retiring the Self-Hypnosis Page!

When I was studying self-hypnosis the generally accepted view is that there is something called the subconscious mind, and, like an iceberg, it sits below the surface of the mind with the conscious mind on top.

I have said that I hold my beliefs loosely. I subscribed to this one for a while, but I have come to see it leaves me powerless to change certain things in myself relegated to this subconscious part of the mind.

Maybe powerless is too strong a word, but I don’t think so. If you believe in this paradigm, it means that you are essentially stuck with something called programming that you received from your authority figures as a child.

It means you are left, helpless, with all these undesired and unwanted beliefs that you have to dredge out when you come to the point in your life when you want to be free of them. But the truth is you were never trapped in the first place..

It leaves this huge morass of beliefs, feelings, programming and thoughts that you aren’t even aware of. You have to do things like self-hypnosis to access these.

I no more believe now in this idea of any process to get at hidden things in my mind than I do in religious rituals for religious experiences. To quote Alan Watts, “It’s putting legs on a snake.”

My current belief, which is still developing, is that there is no part of the mind I can not easily and readily access. There is no subconscious or unconscious mind. There is no mass hidden just under the surface of the mind.

There is only the mind, and the mind serves as the intermediary between your brain and your Source. There may be things in your mind that you are not be aware of. But there is nothing hidden from you. Forgotten or misplaced maybe, but not hidden.

There are beliefs that you have which are based on thoughts you thought for a long period of time. These become beliefs or habitual thought patterns. So in this way some of your thinking may slip in under your awareness radar.

But the point is that you can become the silent observer, the watcher, and you can shine the light of your awareness anywhere you like inside your mind. Your mind is only consciousness, nothing else.

So the self-hypnosis page is going away for now. Self-hypnosis can still be used I think as a way to shine the light of your awareness inside your conscious mind, see what’s in there. But I have to overhaul the whole thing and some of the processes.

As I am also working with the idea that I can project that consciousness wherever I like, I would like to tie everything together with astral projection and lucid dreaming. That will come at some date in the future, but I am setting no intention for it at this time.

Instead I will continue to share insights, poetry and teachings. Also, now that I nearing 100 subscribers, it is time for some creative writing! I have been itching to do this for a while. So expect a new section for that soon!

If you want the text from the self-hypnosis page contact me, here or at the Dao Bums forums, and I will send it to you.


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