High Vibration Operation

Today I have had some more realizations I would like to share with you. I will be using examples drawn from “Co-creating At Its Best” by Wayne Dyer and Ester Hicks. Essentially the book was written from a transcript between the collective consciousness known as Abraham and Dr. Wayne Dyer:

In the book Abraham uses the example of discs. As if you are going through life flying on different discs, depending on your vibrational level. You could also think of this as your energy or attitude level. For me there is a range between waking up, feeling like shit, saying so, and going through the day with a low energy. Being grumpy, snapping at others, saying things you don’t mean to say. Or waking up, and feeling electrified. You feel energized, you find yourself laughing and smiling. You don’t say as many of the things you don’t mean. You just feel good. Using Abraham’s disc analogy, the first way of feeling, when you feel bad, would be a low vibration disc. The second way of feeling would be a high vibration disc.

I started the day on a high vibration disc, as recommended by Abraham. I took some time, right after I woke up, to enjoy the sun coming through the shade over my window. Then I said the following statements, taking time to really feel how they felt as I said them, really being present with each one:

“Anything is possible.
All possibilities exist.
I am experiencing my Highest Vibration.
I am energetic, healthy and well.
I feel energetic, healthy and well.”

I felt energized after saying these things. I felt good, on the edge of  smile, even happy. I felt thankful, truly appreciative and grateful, for this brand new day ahead of me. I noticed the difference right away. Typically when my parents talk about things for which I have strong feelings I engage them. I want to drive my point home, make myself heard. Today mom brought up grandma’s decision to sell the place. I am against it, I want my family to have land that they own. By my family I mean the members of my family on my dad’s side. Somehow it seems wrong to not have that. It has been in our family for a couple of generations now. If we sold it we will be homeless.

You can imagine with this meaning so much to me how passionately I could argue my point. But I was willing to let it go. I was not attached or engaged. When this subject veered into related subjects that mom made it clear were stressing her out (not using those words)  I was able to back off and drop it. Normally I could argue with my dad for a while because I typically do not drop things, and neither does he, so there is this back and forth. But not today, I was able to stop it. I was free enough to be able to do this. Had I been strongly attached and engaged to what I feel, I would not have been able to do that.

We were going to see a movie. I was able to look out the window, at scenery I have seen many, many times, and get lost in the beauty and brightness of the sun, the colors, everything going on out there. I was able to sit down and enjoy the previews, and the movie. We watched Kingsman and I loved every minute of it. Even when my stomach acted up for some reason, and despite the sore throat I went to bed and woke up with, I had a great time. Even afterwards, when it looked like I may not get the ice cold drink I was looking forward to, I was able to let it go. I wanted it to soothe my sore throat and I remembered fondly the last treat I had from that place. But I was able to let it go, I was willing to go without it and I would have been OK with that if that is what my parents had decided.

I came to realize, during our time together tonight, that I have gotten into the habit of correcting my parents. Whenever I would catch them saying something from a negative mindset I felt compelled to speak up. It has become a habitual thought pattern, and now I know I need to break it. I caught myself doing this a number of times tonight, once I became aware of it. I think it came from when I was into the positive thinking material, trying to encourage them as they tried not one but two home businesses. I was the cheerleader, I changed the way I thought so I could better cheer them on. I guess for the time that was good and maybe needed. But now I have to operate at another level.

Because when I reach down from my high vibration disc in an attempt to help others see things differently, or think things different, because that is the disc they are on and it is at a lower vibration, I can fall off, or get drug down to their level. Not to mention they may be unable or unwilling to hear or understand me from the disc I am on, because that is not the disc they are on. So I end up giving other people power over me. I give away my power by letting what they are saying get to me and by investing energy figuring out what they are thinking then trying to get them to think differently.

As I used the restroom tonight, having nothing else to do but sit there and think, unless I wanted to try to practice present mindedness, I saw more to this. I saw that what is really going on when I reach down like I have grown used to doing is that I am trying to change externals. In essence, I am saying, “I will be happy if you stop saying those things and thinking that way.” In a nutshell that’s how I give away my power. My happiness depends on those around me being as high in vibration as I am, saying and thinking the things I feel and think they should be saying and thinking. Happiness that depends on anything can be taken away.

When you think about it Jesus never tried to convert anyone. He walked along, did his thing, and never really tried to convince anyone of anything. He taught, walked to the beat of his own drum, and for the most part people had to come to him. He might encounter someone on his way, but to the best of my knowledge we never see Jesus bending down from the high vibration disc on which he lived to raise anyone else up. Instead he stayed up there and taught from up there, and his words made it to those ready to transition and move to higher discs. In short Jesus never tried to change people by getting them to speak or think differently, at his level. He taught, and those who received his teaching, meaning they were open to it, ready for it, willing to listen to it, were changed.

It is not my job to change people. To get them to think differently. To get them to say different things. It is my job, and my only job, to march to the beat of my own drum. To get on my disc and stay there, letting others come to me. To teach where compelled or drawn, so that others can climb higher if and when they are ready. But I don’t micromanage. I do my thing and let them do theirs. As I have said before, that is their game, their path.

By staying on my disc I draw other people up, without any effort or trying or work on my part. My example affects everyone around me. It transforms everything around me. This is how we crate our own realities. Because our reality may be that we have parents with what we would label lack or limitation mindsets. Of course doing that is criticizing and judging, throwing you off the disc again. But the point is we could be surrounded by those that say things that do not encourage or empower. Things that focus on lack and limitation. We could be inundated with that mentality, like some sort of cloud or miasma.

It’s just a cluster of discs, all these people on the same disc really. By staying on my own disc and letting them be where they are, I love and accept them as they are, it becomes a part of my practice and mentality towards them. Also I begin to change things around me. The people clustered together on that disc begin, of their own volition, to climb higher. They can’t help it. I think the draw is something powerful like a moth to a flame.

The point is that I am not trying to change anything here. We don’t try to change anything. We just continue along on our disc, climbing higher and higher as we proceed down our own life path. Also, since like attracts like in this universe, others on the same disc come to us and gather together We find people around us of a higher vibration. People who do not say things from a lack or limitation mindset. We find teachers and become supported by others. That is terrible on the lower discs. If you start out feeling miserable each day you are going to encounter more things that make you miserable. You will interact with more miserable people. You create a miserable reality for yourself to experience. It is only when you move higher that you draw a better crowd and create a better reality for yourself.

So what I have learned is not to try to convert or change anyone else. To break this habitual thought pattern of trying to change my parents. To operate at a level, or vibration, where I am disengaged and unattached. It does not mean I do not care or have an opinion. Just that I don’t feel the need to fight to the death to defend it. I can let it be attacked and it won’t brother me. I will still feel as I feel about whatever it is I feel, and nobody can change that but me. I retain my power to create my own reality and experience the life I desire. My happiness does not depend on any external, changing factor.

It also, strangely enough, gives me confidence. Earlier today I was thinking that it was good I was intended to leave the house anyway. I intended to go to California. But I have been feeling somewhat directionless. But now I know I can go, and basically just go where the spirit leads me, on the high vibration disc. I can just do my thing and let people come to me.

Maybe I can’t stay at Esalen, since it is only a conference center. But maybe I will feel compelled or drawn to speak there. Maybe that’s where I take the first steps towards manifesting the reality I created for myself. One where I find a way to support myself and any family I may have, one where I have someone to share my life with and can start a family, one where I have a house and land of my own. If I march to the beat of my own drum I am certain to find, or be drawn right to, wherever it is I need to be at that time or stage of my life.

To put yourself on the High Vibration disc, just make sure that the first thing you do (other than recording your dreams) is to say empowering statements like the ones I shared here. You can use those if they speak to you. Whatever you use should make you feel something like an electric shock inside. You should start the day excited, appreciative, grateful, thankful and with a high energy. Then just repeat those statements if you find yourself slipping off your disc. Make this a habit, and you should see a definite, desirable effect in the life you experience. You will probably surprise yourself, Just like I have surprised myself.


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