The moth is still,
Hypnotized by his love,
Lost in her light.


One thought on “Hypnotized

  1. When I noticed this moth, clinging to the rope hanging below a light bulb, it really struck a chord in me. This is the best way, so far, I could find to express it. I recall how Rumi also wrote of moths and flames, and I wish I had his unique power with that imagery. I am not ungrateful for the level of eloquence I currently have, I know it will get better with time.

    I also know I have not been through the sorts of things Rumi went through, and obviously the man must have been enlightened, which is something I can not say of myself. So I am usually content and happy with the level of my ability, at this time of my life, in this moment, is typically enough for me to express what I wish to express. Sometimes I even excel a little, as when I wrote The Urge and The Quiet One.

    I just feel that my best isn’t quite good enough to draw out what I feel whenever I see this moth. But who knows? Maybe those words will suddenly come to me. Until then these will have to suffice.


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