The Path To Spiritiual Sex

This is a sort of journal that I will be adding to as it is a subject I am working through. It will help if you have a copy of Osho’s, “Sex Matters” on hand:


That said, I also want to note that repressing this material, hiding it from those we label as immature (typically children) only adds to the current problems of human sexuality. It only increases their curiosity, as they enter sexual maturity. As a race there has been enough hiding the reality of sex. It is time to face up to it and talk about it. So while I have given warning, this blog is open to all readers of all ages.


Immediately after ejaculating, in the moments I was laying there spent, just resting before cleaning up, I brought my attention to my face. I felt it was distorted. I recall what Osho said about the female seeing the demon in her lover. It occurred to me that this level, this state or vibration of sex was stressful. There was strain. I recall how Osho said the couples in the drawings and statuary of those temples all wore faces of bliss in the poses of their sexual intercourse. I had a realization.

When the majority of humans have sex they are driven by desire or lust. There is a taking in the process. That is what makes it low vibration, little better than animals mating, in their case driven bu instinct and need.

I moved by body to feel the difference between taking, the stress and strain, and the giving, the relaxation, as I moved my hips forward and back. I realized that sex should be effortless. It should be relaxed. That is how you have a face of bliss in your lovemaking.

I remember moving, just to feel how my body felt, in a slow, relaxed pace, as consciously as possible. I can’t remember the exact words I used, but instead of taking when I thrust I said and felt the word giving. Then I understood.

In a higher level of sex, what I will refer to as spiritual sex, there is no drive. I am not sure what inspires the couple to come together. But the coming together is done consciously, present minded, with full awareness. The couple is not thinking about past or present. They are both right here, in this moment. They may or may not choose to consciously bring a child into the world. But during their lovemaking it is all about giving and receiving.

I could feel the different in my own body as I felt it while saying, thinking and feeling how the words affected me. Moving my hips forward, aware, conscious, present, relaxed, giving. Moving them back, still aware, conscious, present, receiving. Giving. Receiving. I could feel the difference between that and what I had done earlier in my masturbating. I resolved that the next time I masturbated I would practice this.

Slow, deep breaths. Relaxed. Giving. Receiving. No rush. None of this rapidly rubbing my penis up and down, generating friction between its skin and the skin of my hand. Most of the time my penis is not even fully extended and hard. No wonder masturbating can be so unfulfilling! I worry about being seen. I have to face feelings of fear, guilt and shame.

Somehow I have to override these. I have to feel into them, let them dissolve, release them and let them go, so I can focus on this moment, right here, right now. So I can rub my fingers or my hand down, or thrust my penis up, in a slow, relaxed fashion, giving. Then let my hips slowly go back down, or gently pulling my fingers or my hand up, receiving. Or maybe the up stroke is a giving to the Universe. and the down stroke is a receiving from the Universe. Whatever the case me be, I must remember to breathe, deeply, evenly and slowly.

I think that is the first steps to a higher level or vibration of sex. Sex that is not just mating driven by desire and lust. Sex that is a giving and receiving, from your lover, whether that lover is another person or the Universe itself. I do know that the secret to lasting longer is the deep, even, relaxed and slow breathing. I have also heard that there is a way to achieve orgasm without ejaculating. If that is the case then it should be possible to have sex with someone, and choose consciously to have children simply by choosing consciously to ejaculate. I imagine if the male does not ejaculate the female can not get pregnant. But this is all conjecture for me at this point.

I have set an intention to figure this out. It’s in 3rd place right now. I want to master manifestation and learn how to direct my conscious mind more. But as of last night, from then on, I intend to master spiritual sex as well. Because if I can do that, theoretically I can have sex with any willing female, and her level of spirituality in sex will make no difference. I can elevate her. I can direct her in her breathing, and with my relaxed movements. Even if I fail to achieve the state where I have an orgasm without ejaculating, she should find herself having an orgasm numerous times. So at the very least it will make me a better lover, and at the very most it will allow me to transform all my sex into spiritual sex and not just mating.

As I come to know more in my own experience on this subject I will post here. I would like to close this entry with these words. Sex is not something to be ashamed of. Neither is nudity or the physical form you wear. If you are someone who is driven by sex it’s OK. It is your deep-seated beliefs about sex, and your resulting repression of your sexuality, that you need to address.

The process is the same for everyone. The first step is to love and accept yourself as you are. That means in the skin you are wearing, whatever gender you feel you may be. With the sexual desires you have, whatever they are. You love and accept yourself in your entirety. You can begin this process by looking into every mirror you pass and saying, “I love and accept you as you are.”

The next step is to stop thinking you have to apologize or ask forgiveness if you masturbate, run around naked, or have sex. If you are a Christian, I don’t care what you are told or what you believe. It is not a sin to be naked, masturbate or have sex. If you are caught by authority figures pleasuring yourself do not apologize, try to hide it or make excuses! Look whoever has intruded on you straight in the eyes and say, “Excuse me, can I help you?”

You have a right to be naked, pleasure yourself in masturbation or have sex. In fact your body was made for these activities. They are your natural functions. You don’t feel guilty about using the toilet, so stop feeling guilty about these things! Do not condemn, criticize, fight with or judge those who catch you in these acts. Start with the, “Excuse me, may I help you?” then go somewhere else if needed. If they confront you and say anything that is negative or not empowering to you simply remain silent as you walk away.

If they physically prevent you from walking away, just look them in the eyes until they have finished, while remaining silent. If they hit you, defend yourself if trained, otherwise do nothing, move with the force of the blow, then if you are able, look them in the eyes. If they beat you continue to meet their eyes as long as you are able.

If you are in an environment where are are being abused, hit or beaten leave. If you stay there you are giving those who hurt you permission to continue to abuse, beat and repress you. You are telling them it is OK for them to do that to you. If it is not OK for them to do that to you, you have to leave. It is better to die cold, naked and starved on the street than to live abused, beaten, clothed, fed and repressed. You have nothing you need to defend. You have done nothing wrong. Most important of all, do not criticize or judge yourself or them!

I know these are hard words, and as I have not really been abused or beaten I am ignorant to how that kind of situation is. My advice may seem like bad advice. I don’t feel it is, it is the advice I would follow in that sort of situation. The choice is always yours. I can tell you that my parents raised me to feel fear, guilt and shame towards nudity and sexuality. That the things they did in the name of their Christian religion has affected me, and today I am working through things that are directly or indirectly connected to my sexuality.

All sexual repression twists a person’s sexuality. That is why there is a LGBT part of modern human society, as well as gender confusion. Sexual repression is at the root of all behavior the majority in society think of as sexually deviant or unacceptable. Sexual repression grows from the seeds of religion, or simply not loving and accepting yourself as you are.

Sexual repression is also responsible for turning sexual intercourse between humans into simple mating driven by desire and lust. It makes us no better than the animals. Go watch animals in their natural habitat, outside the control of man. Even though they are also mating, driven in their case by instinct and need, you will not see LGBT animals or gender confusion among them. There is no sexual deviancy. It is almost civilized compared to human sexual intercourse.

Both the animal and human population have a lot of children. The extra children in the animal population serve a purpose though. The extra children of the human race serve no purpose. There are no natural checks and balances there. So nature makes many modern human children sickly, with all sorts of diseases. The call remains the same when sex is at the level of mating. Children are not brought into the world consciously. When humans bring sex up to a higher level or vibration, approaching or reaching the level of spiritual sex, then there is no fear, guilt or shame, and children can be brought in consciously. That means less children, and certainly less unexpected or unwanted children, brought into the world.

To get the human race there it starts with each of us individually. I have chosen this path, to freely enjoy sex, yet do so consciously, at a higher level or vibration. I would like to experience spiritual sex with my partner, when she comes into my life. We will decide together, consciously, if and when we will bring a child into the world, and we will do so with each child we bring in. We may decide to have 1 or 2. Maybe 3 or 4. But if we are choosing consciously, we will know exactly how many we should have, and there will not be any additional children, no matter how many times we have sex after having the number we have chosen.

Our children will all be conscious products of our union. They will not be diseased or unhealthy. They will be raised to love and accept themselves as they are. To be comfortable in their own skin. They will be raised to freely enjoy all their bodily functions, and to do so consciously. No fear, guilt or shame around sex and their sexuality. Enough people doing the same for their children and the entire human race will change, for the better, in a single generation.

This journal will chronicle everything I am learning as I step out on this path towards spiritual sex. Check back here for any updates. I will post the newest entries first.


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