Call To Action

This is not an article or a poem. I am reaching out to my followers and all WordPress readers. Please pass this along to whoever you think can contribute.

I am overwhelmed. Some things have come into my awareness. Simplicity seems to be the best course of action, so I have narrowed it down to 2 things:

1. I want off-the-grid living to be made 100% legal, in fact made a legal right, for all Americans. I would like to see this all over the world. But starting with America should get the snowball rolling.

2. I want all American farmers to be able to have the 100% legal right to grow whatever they desire on their land, using whatever seeds they choose. I want them to have equal access to GMO and non-GMO seeds, to organic and non-organic seeds.

Everyone that wants these same two things needs a focus object. Something like simple phrase they can utter, or a visualization they can use, whenever they hear about sustainable communities being raided by the police or swat teams, or Monsanto forcing farmers to rent and use their GMO seeds.

But here is the trick… The focus can not, absolutely can not, be on what is not wanted! If the focus is on what is not wanted, then that will reinforce the unwanted reality! You get more of what you think about.

To get more people living legally and peaceably off-the-grid we have to focus on what is wanted, off-the-grid living being the legal right of every American.

To get rid of Monsanto and GMOs, the focus needs to be on what is wanted: farmers having the legal right to choose the seeds they use, having organic and non-gmo sources, and owning those seeds. On a smaller scale, anyone living in Hawaii should be able to pick a fruit from their own garden, find seeds inside, and be able to plant them to continue their garden.

I need help with two things:
1. What should be used? It has to American friendly, so it has to be something like fast food. Easy to remember and fast to use.

2. Once we have something to use, how do we reach people with it? It has to be made accessible to millions of American citizens. Unless someone has that sort of access and is willing to let us use it, how does the common American Citizen contact the majority?

We have to put a stop to these two things. People in positions of authority that are ordering police officers to terrify and threaten American Citizens should not be in charge. They must be fired at once. Furthermore police officers need to stop acting like disciplined mobs, going out in groups against people where there is cause or reason for them to go, with not one of the officers in the group speaking up.

If the person in charge of a precinct received orders to send a swat team out to an area where no crime has ever been reported and no evidence of any drugs or weapons exists, they should question those orders. They should refuse to follow them. What is the person that sent the order going to do? Fire a whole precinct?

I find it unbelievable that the members of a swat team, some of whom probably have families themselves, would be willing to go against innocent and unarmed American families, terrifying them and violating their American rights. What is wrong with these police officers? Why is nobody questioning or speaking out?

Is your job as a police officer, and your membership in the brotherhood of blue so important to you that you would harm innocent American civilians to protect it? Where will you draw the line? Will you kill on orders, without question? Are you a human being, with the ability to make your own decisions and think for yourself, or an unthinking gun for hire, willing to pull the trigger whenever asked without question? Are you there to serve and protect or not?

Because the police officers involved in the swat team raiding the Garden of Eden in Dallas Texas violated that principle, and the rights of every American citizen there. America is a free country, not a corporate or police state. I am disappointed with these officers and those in immediate authority who sent them. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You dishonor the badges and uniforms you are wearing. You dishonor every American solider who has ever bled and died in the name of freedom for this country.

We also have to stop Monsanto. They have taken over Hawaii, passed laws prohibited the planting of any seeds but theirs. They have threatened farmers all over the world, forcing them to lease or rent GMO seeds, which produce poor crops, and those crops can not be used to plant new ones, instead the seeds have to be leased or rented again. Monsanto is also rumored to have purchased Blackwater, a military contractor.

Even if we ignore all of that, the simple fact remains that GMOs have not been independently and properly tested to see if they are safe for human consumption. There is no way of knowing their long-term effect on human beings. In fact wheat has been genetically modified and given to the human consumer to eat for some time now, but the connections to gluten and obesity, as a result of how the wheat was modified, has only recently been made.

If we want to be able to freely and legally live off-the-grid, to choose whether or not to eat GMO foods, to grow what we want on our land using seeds we have chosen and own, we have to focus our energy on creating the reality we want. We can’t look at this as some sort of fight. If we fight or resist we again focus on what we do not want, empowering the undesired reality. Instead we have to be a martial artist with these things, using their power against them. We do that by focusing on what we want and creating that reality. But we have to have something we can use as a focus, and it has to be readily available to every American.

That’s what I need help figuring out. Do I start a Kickstarter campaign? Has one already been started? A petition? If a petition is started, how do we get the 1000 or so signatures we need to put it before government authority figures?

I have laid everything out as clearly as I can. Please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested. Please comment if you have any suggestions on what focusing device to use and how to distribute it. Always remember that we are not powerless. We are the majority. Collectively we can create any reality we desire. If we are all focusing on a reality we want, it will manifest. We don’t need to worry about the details or how things happen. We just direct our focus on what we, the majority, want.

I appreciate your help with this.


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