As posted in a comment I made at the, “I Am Light” event page on Facebook

I have something I would like to share…

I wanted to take a few moments to share a sort of testimonial with everyone. Towards the end of last month and the beginning of this month I found myself helping some people move. The process took nearly a week, and it was long drive down and back, 6+ hours. When I started I had little or no thought about using whatever money I earned for this to see Mr. Dyer. But over the course of the work it became my reason for doing it. My initial reason was just to help out.

The work became very physically demanding. But it was an answer to my request. I had made it clear that I did not want to do “yard work” type work anymore. I have had a number of jobs through my life. I have helped maintain apartment buildings, I have washed dishes, I have been a security guard, I have driven a double-jack for very long periods of time, getting pallets of orders ready, stepping up and down on a concrete floor, I have bucked hay and oat bales, mostly hay, and I was even a janitor for a while, though I swore I would never do that kind of work. I lasted a month. Oh and for one day I ripped crabs apart at a canary. Don’t let anyone tell you animals are stupid, or aren’t aware, or anything like that. I still remember vividly one crab, at the bottom of my bin, backing away from me, after I had “processed” most of the other crabs in the bin. I remember it looking right at me as it backed away. It knew what was coming, and I am afraid that I have become somewhat monk-like towards animals and insects since then.

The Universe, or if you prefer, Source, knows everything about me, among those things it knows are that I never want to do any of these kinds of work again, and I know longer believe in the myth that if you work hard you will get anywhere or that it means anything. I know what working hard got me, and I know what it got my father, and the most accurate way I can detail it is through that Alan Watts video on YouTube done by the people that animated South Park: You will know the part I am talking about when you see it.

I ended up in these kinds of work because I did not embrace the work that compelled, drew or spoke to me. I have since embraced that work, which, like Mr. Dyer, is writing. I have since chosen to do fulfilling, meaningful work that pays well. But here is something important to keep in mind… I have not closed myself off to any other kinds of work. That openness, that willingness to help, to receive what the Universe has provided, allowed me to accept the work of helping these people move.

Now I did not get properly paid for my effort and time. I am entitled to this opinion, but not to criticizing and judging those I chose to help out. I could focus on this DO NOT, what I did not get or do not want, but I would then get the hole: This is something I came to realize and wanted to share with others. No, instead I will focus on what makes me feel good, as Abraham would put it. I like to say that it makes me feel lighter. There is sort of an electric joy/happiness thing. You find yourself smiling and laughing easily. You feel charged, but at the same time you feel like you weigh less all of a sudden. I am becoming familiar with this feeling, and I practice choosing doing and thinking things that make me feel like that.

So what I wanted to share with everyone was that I earned $200.00, enough to go see Mr. Dyer! When I set my intention here I had no idea how I would ever be able to go. I was determined just to stand outside. Then there was this worry that the seats would be sold out by the time I had money, even if I did earn it. I had to let that go to. I learned a few more things, to step out in FAITH, not in FEAR. Whenever I caught myself in a FEAR response or thought process, I became aware of it, and chose a FAITH based way of thinking. But the Universe was milking my training for all it was worth! I had also set, some time ago, an intention, a firm resolution, to master the manifestation process. Be careful what you ask for!

Since then school has been in session, and the course work has been rigorous! I found myself spending some of this money, and that $175.00 minimum I needed drew closer and closer. FEAR had slipped in the back door, as it seems to like to do. I finally came to realize that I had to be willing to let go. That was the FAITH way of thinking and course of action. I had to have FAITH, I had to TRUST, that the Universe would provide. I had to be WILLING to spend the money if so compelled, drew or needed. So I did, I let it go. I stepped out in FAITH. I came home to find my dad had given my aunt some cans to turn in for me, as she lives in Oregon, and she had $10.00 waiting, unknown to me!

The next thing that happened was that I had offered to help my dad do his janitorial work at the church, because he had been right there with me during the moving process, and was really beat up like I was. So I knew he would need help. I had been clearly instructed by what I call the Voice Inside that I was not to apply for the janitorial job there, working with my dad. But helping him out to catch up was OK. So I did about 3 hours of vacuuming and moving tables. It allowed him to get a 2 hour rest time later on in the day before retuning back to work, and I received another $20.00!

Now I had learned not to worry about what I would be paid. That was another realization I had during this time period. Again I had to step out in FAITH and trust that the Universe would provide. If anything or anyone knows the value of my effort and time, that would be it. But it is more than that. Going in what an attitude of being repaid or recompensed in some way is going in closed off and tight. It’s a heavier way to be. How can you be truly open and willing to do the work you are brought in to do if you expect to be paid, and not only that, paid a certain amount? I think there is a societal belief here that maybe is false. I am not sure though, I am still in school here. But it seems to me you open yourself up to more when you go in with no expectations. Although this whole expectation thing is confusing to me. I think Seth recommends it, but in my own personal experience I have found it can close me off.

With that $30.00 I had enough to buy my ticket! Then I had to, once again, face the FEAR of letting it go. My cousin and her daughter are staying here right now, and the current apparent psychical reality for them is homelessness. That is not, however, the reality I see for them. In any case I was talking to the daughter, and I discovered she is an artist. That she had some multicolor sharpies that were since used wrongly or stolen, so she no longer had them and it seems as if she missed them. I knew I wanted to, and needed to, encourage her in her artistic pursuits. I denied that aspect of myself which is a writer to my extreme detriment. I learned a hard and painful lesson, in fact I am still learning from it.

As a result I am determined to encourage other artists. I found myself at Micheal’s today, perhaps the most expensive art supply store in this country. Maybe some places in New York would beat it. I struggled, once again, with letting go of the money. But I felt I needed to go in, I wandered, I found the Sharpies, and on the way there I found myself in that space of willingness. I realized I had a little extra money over the $175.00 I needed, so I could get something, and if it went over, the Universe would provide. I found those Sharpies, tuned in as best I could and chose 4 colors, which I purchased. I just gave them to the daughter tonight. This was a gift with no attachments. I just wanted to encourage and support her. That’s it, and that willingness, to spend that money to do this, and the act itself, gave me that charged-light feeling. If Abraham is correct, and I believe this collective consciousness is, then those are the kinds of feelings I should be following from my Emotional Guidance System.

Which brings me to end result… I have just purchased my ticket for “I Am Light!” I do not have the transportation worked out yet. I do not have a place to stay in Portland after the conference is finished. I really wanted at least 1 day, and hopefully more, to absorb the information from Mr. Dyer and his co-speaker. I wanted to get away from my family and the environment of their mindsets, just for a little while, and I guess you could say, “come down” from this experience. Otherwise I would be like a goldfish taken directly from the bag and thrown into a bowl. I wanted time to write and to cement the things I learn and have come to realize, so that I could come into an environment of a lower vibration, I guess you could call it, and be not as affected by it. I know that I create my reality. I know that I create the reality of the environment I live in. I get that. So I can’t justify this desire. I just wanted to get away from my family, the Christian focus here, and I have wanted to do so for some time. So that’s why I wanted to stay overnight, at the very least, somewhere in Portland. I have this dream of some old, classy hotel that is clean and well-maintained, with good food options for a vegetarian like myself.

Well I know not to focus on what I do not have. Instead I will visualize the ticket I need for my transportation, and I will search, maybe tonight, for hotels in Portland, maybe print out pictures of a room or suite I would like to stay in and put those on my wall, right over the “I Am Light” printouts.

The whole point of my sharing this with you is to show you that yes, the manifestation teachings of Mr. Dyer, Abraham through Esther Hicks, and Seth through Jane Roberts, to name a few, are true. Or as I like to say, from Osho, a direct, “pointing to the truth.” I did not make the work happen that earned me the money to purchase my ticket. I did not try to make anything happen. In fact, trying to make anything happen guarantees that at the very best, that is what I will get, but it will wear me down in the process. I went through that when I was reading Michael Beckwith. I tried to think only good thoughts, to visualize what I wanted to happen all the time. I think it was more exhausting than that moving work I did. At least on a mental level. It is, as Abraham says, “Paddling your boat upstream.” Not the way to go.

Also important to note here is that I did not earn the money for my ticket at the expense of anyone else. Quite the opposite in fact. I helped some people moved who needed the help. I helped my dad. If he had tried to move them on his own, I don’t think he would have made it. He might have hurt himself. Then, even if he had managed to pull it off, it probably would have taken longer and he would have even more work to do at the church. If I didn’t help him with that either, he would have been in a really bad place. Now that is the reality he created for himself. That is his path. It is just as wrong to want to try to change or convert him as it would be to save him. Everyone has to live with the consequences of their choice. Otherwise they will not learn the lesson they need to learn. They chose the education they will receive in their physical lifetime. We can help when the Universe brings us to them, but we are not to interfere, because that would be to their, and our, detriment.

So I helped those people move, I helped my dad helped them move and do his church work. I encouraged and supported a teenage artist. I didn’t make any of this happen. I am not running around in tights wearing a cape. Nothing I have done will earn me a medal. There are no rewards waiting for me in Heaven or somewhere. I FLOW, as best I can, and help as compelled or drawn, as it works out in that flow. The things I do may never be anything that anyone would label important or major. But if we are serving to earn some sort of reward our heart is not in the right place, and we are not really serving anyone other than ourselves.

I have not subtracted from anyone or anything, only added. There is not somehow less of something somewhere because I manifested this money for myself. It is not selfish to set an intention and create a desired reality for yourself in some area. Not even for a mate or sex. The Universe provides, that is all it does. It does not criticize or judge. You can ask it for anything, it is provided. Your only work is the asking (are you focused on what you want or what you do not want?), then being ALLOWING, OPEN and RECEPTIVE. That’s it, that’s the practice. You FLOW, you point your nose downstream. You take your hands off the situation. You don’t tell Santa Clause how and when and in what way you get your gift. You ask then leave the details to the big man in the red suit. You control your life and at the same time you don’t.

What that means is that you can design your life however you wish, you can visualize it down to the tiniest detail if you so desire. Then you make your request, but after that you are done. You are no longer in control. You leave the details to the Universe. Logically you know that you have a limited, physical perspective and the Universe, being energetic, is not limited. So you see a few pieces, you know how you want the puzzle to go together. The Universe sees the whole picture and already knows the absolute best place, or better to say Highest Vibration place, for every piece of every puzzle to go.

I am not preaching at you here, taking the teachings from some book or books and throwing them at you. I am not trying to change or convert you. I am sharing with you, from my own personal experience, how the process of manifestation works. I am pointing at the moon, as directly as I can at this moment in my life. You are seeking the moon, that is the TRUTH you are after. It is up to you to choose whether or not to start walking in that direction, then begin to take each step, if that is what you have chosen.

I have encountered a lot of resistance over the teachings of Abraham and Seth, even in the most spiritual of environments I like to visit, the Tao Bums. It is seen as “New Age” or some sort of immature spirituality. I had to leave the forums for a while because I knew, I KNEW, that what I was reading was truth, or the most direct pointing to it I had encountered. It RESONATED with me, just as many of the things Mr. Dyer has taught have resonated with me. I am looking forward to hearing him, and his co-host, speak. This will be the first time I have ever attended a conference or seminar that wasn’t business or Christian oriented. I am looking forward to being in a Higher Vibration environment, even if it is only for one day. My thanks to Mr. Dyer and Mrs. Moorjani!


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