For Just A Moment…

For just a moment or two,
I find myself in love…

With my toes, that have never seen a pedicure,
With my fingers, that have never seen a manicure,
With the scattered hairs across my body,
With the wind, caressing my skin like a lover,
With the sun’s warm embrace,
With the birds serenading me,
From the bushes and branches,
With a fluffy white and orange cat,
Meowing, asking to come closer.

I see myself as a rough-hewn work of art,
An invisible sculptor is slowly revealing,
That handsome and striking male form,
Hiding just beneath the surface,
And that invisible sculptor… Is me.

As I stretch slowly into my yoga poses,
As I breathe deeply the pine scented air,
As I become fully present in this moment,
I tune in, and something inside me opens,
Allowing me to become incredibly aware.

When I am done, I sit down to meditate,
I listen to the birds and the wind,
I become aware of my inner essence,
I feel deeply into my body and find,
Something beyond the feeling of warmth.

Whatever this energy, this force may be,
When I touch it I find I smile helplessly,
And for a few moments I experience lovingly,
My physical form and all that is around me,
It is here, in this space, I am learning to be.


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