What Is God?

If someone were to ask me, “Do you believe in God?” what would be my answer?

I am not a Christian and I do not believe in the Christian God. But I do believe that the world around us is a creation, and if there is a creation there must also be a creator. So I guess if I didn’t have a more intelligent answer, I would have to say, “Yes and no.”

Normally it would be easier to go over what God is not. We would at least then know what God isn’t. However, since God is everything, there is nothing it is not. That it is my first distinction. God is not just some divine human being outside myself. While there is nothing that God can’t be or have, in my perception God has no ego, gender or concept of itself as God. It is an energy, and my current belief is that it is that same energy that has manifested into the physical forms of our world, and each of us.

Now maybe you are nodding your head in agreement with much of this. But before I go on I need to explain to you what an ego is, to my understanding. Put simply, ego is a sense of identity. It is a desire or need inside to be individual or separate. It is human concern.

You can tell immediately what religions are divine, that is are not of man, simply by their concept or idea of God. In the Christian religion, it becomes immediately apparent that God has an ego and acts, more or less, like some sort of king. The Christian God has to be known as God, and not only that, but as the God above any other gods. The Christian God has a preferred way He is worshiped and has a gender like a human which is in this case male. Christians are to think of themselves as servants or sheep. This is exactly what they are called in the Bible.

God doesn’t know or think of itself as God. It has no God identity. It has no identity at all. It doesn’t need one. You can call God whatever you like, and it will love you just the same. You can tell God is truly accepting and loving because it allows humans to define their own concepts of it and never takes offense. You can call it God, Brahman, The Universe, Being, Source or a Pile of Shit and it’s all the same. You can choose not to call on it at all, it makes no difference to God.

God is divine, that is it is above, outside or beyond human. It doesn’t care if you worship it or spit in its face. You could give it a diamond, which it would receive lovingly and with thanks. You could give it a pile of dog poop, which it would relieve lovingly and with thanks. It doesn’t care what you do. You could save lives or take them, it would make no difference. It is not that it doesn’t care, like it is aloof. It does care, completely. It does love, completely. It’s care and love is not affected by anything you do, feel, think or say.

As God is divine, it also does not criticize, judge or punish. These are things humans do, that humans care about. If your concept or idea of God in your religion does any of these things, it is not really God at all. It can’t be, because in order for God to be divine, it would have to be above, beyond and outside of these things.

There is another way to determine if a religion’s belief in God is human or divine by the strokes used. The Christian religion paints God very narrowly. But God exists in very broad strokes, so broad in fact that humans can not properly conceive of it or perceive it. I am using the broadest strokes I can understand here in my definition, and it is infinitely above, beyond or outside of that. Any religion that puts God in a box is of human, not divine, origin.

Why would God put itself in a box? Why would God need or want to be defined or understood? You would probably say that God would want humans to understand it But God has no needs or wants. It is God afterall, what could it need or want? What would it care if you understood it or not? Again this is a human concern. We need or want to know, to understand. We need or want to be known and understood. Naturally any God we create would have the same needs or wants.

God Is. Period, end of story. God exists in a state of is-ness. It doesn’t have to be anything or do anything. It simply exists. So coming back to the question, “Do you believe in God?” I guess a better answer for me would be, “Yes, I believe in something that you call God, but which includes every definition of it, yet at the same time also exists infinitely above, beyond or outside of any definition if it.”


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