Troubled Heart

I step outside into silence.
As I follow the dog I look up.
I notice the clouds, swollen with rain.
Not yet touched with color.
I notice the absolute silence,
So rare.

Suddenly the song of a bird,
Shattering it like a wrecking ball,
Through the walls of a glass house,
But even this sudden interruption,
Is beautiful.

My heart is broken, all jagged pieces,
Like the remains of that silence.
Tears rush to my eyes,
But I do not let them fall.
I hurt.

Something precious to me,
Has been challenged.
I am reeling from the attack.
I have to find my feet again.
My center.

For now a weariness and a sort of peace,
As I prepare for bed and the land of dreams.
Maybe tomorrow things will be better,
And happiness will find me,
Once more.


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