The Problem with the Way Things Are

I watched The book Thief this evening and I read an excerpt from, “I Can See Clearly Now” by Wayne Dyer talking about how he visited one of the nazi concentration camps.

I started thinking about this fucked up idea we have about the way things are. I write about “reality” a lot, but I wanted to talk about this subject specifically.

There are a couple of problems with the concept or idea of the way things are…

Firstly there is an innate assumption that because things have always been this way, and are that way now (at least in the perception of the one saying this) that they must continue to be that way.

Secondly there is the innate assumption that things can not, or should not, be changed. That because things have become as they are, are are as they are, there is no way to change them.

This concept, this idea, is complete and utter bullshit!

It is because the Germans had this concept, this idea, about hitler and the nazis that all the horrible things that happened in this time period were allowed to happen. Understand it is not strictly the fault of the Germans. It is the fault of all who were oppressed during this time, or who were the oppressors, or those who allowed either to occur. It was a co-created reality, a collective reality. I have no idea how it came about, but the same thing is behind World War 1, World War 2, ‘Nam, and every other bloody human conflict among people. Those who allow these things to happen are equally as guilty as those perpetuating the acts. I don’t give a fuck about their explanations, justifications, “logic” or reasons. Right now people are being slaughtered in Africa again, and my country does nothing, because it is of no value to them to intercede. They will gladly send soldiers to Iraq or Iran, probably to secure oil. But there is nothing of value in Africa where these things are occurring. I am contributing to this reality, as is every other American citizen, as are those doing the violence in Africa, as are those who are having violence done to them.

It is a hard thing to hear and understand. “How could anyone create a reality of violence for themselves to suffer through?” “You can’t honestly believe those people want to suffer and die!” All I can say to you is that all the people suffering and dying have drawn that experience to them in some way. As I am not one of them I have no idea how. Furthermore humanity is drawing to itself these happenings in the bloody pages of the history of our race. I and every other human being is in some way contributing to this reality, and somewhere, at the root, is the idea that things have always been this way. That mankind is sinful, or violent. That mankind is no better than the animals. Or whatever else is being believed that reinforces this concept or idea of how things are.

The truth, like all truth, is very simple. Just because that is the way it has always been does not mean it must remain that way. If something is one way it can be another way. There is no concrete, inflexible way anything must be or remain. Nothing is static, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. Everyone moves, vibrates, changes. EVERYTHING, WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

Furthermore, you are not powerless to change things. You may believe you are. You may say that you are only one person. You may ask rhetorically, “I am just one person, what can I do?” What you can do is also very simple, and everyone can do it, without exception. You can choose what you think, what you dwell upon, what you believe. You can change your thoughts, you can think about other things, and you can drop or pick up beliefs. You can, to put it plainly, think, “It doesn’t have to be this way. It can be this other way instead” rather than, “It has always been this way…” or “It’s been that way for as long as I can remember…”

if the Germans had collectively chose to think, “Hitler doesn’t have to be in power. The nazis don’t have to control us. We can elect this person instead. We can take control of our land” at the very least their hands would have been clean of all the atrocities their leaders committed, but more likely those in charge would change. Likewise if those being imprisoned or killed by the nazis had collectively thought, “It doesn’t have to be this way. There are more of us than them…” Things would have changed for them. If the Germans and former victims (having dropped their claim to the role of victim) had altogether changed their thinking the outcome for everyone would have been quite different. As it stands the past is the past and those of us here, now, in this present moment, must apply what mankind collectively learned during this most bloody and painful lesson.

Right now there are people dying in Africa. They are, as a majority, most likely thinking things like, “Our lives don’t matter…” “It has always been this way…” “There is nothing I can do…” “They are stronger than us…” and so on. Instead they need to change their thinking to, “Our lives matter!” “It doesn’t have to be this way!” “I can do anything!” “There are more of us than them!” then the bloodshed would cease. I am not saying it is easy or instantaneous. We are not talking miracles here. But the people suffering and dying must, somehow, despite their circumstances, collectively look at things differently. They must find that place, that state within them, where the outer circumstances have no effect, and they, with each and every breath, in each and every moment, retain a deep inner knowing, a faith, that help is coming, that they can stand together, that their lives matter and that there is nothing they can not do collectively. This is the mindset, the mental state, that each individual must have in order to change their ultimately undesirable and unwanted circumstances.

I don’t know about your parents but my parents raised me contrary to what I have come to understand is the Truth. They raised me to believe I needed saving, that I was a sinner, that I was imperfect. They raised me to think I had to work hard for everything. They raised me to believe that I could do anything, but only through god. That I could ask for anything, and it would be provided, but only if it was god’s will. The way they raised me left me believing and feeling I was powerless. It made me feel helpless, depending on god and remaining at his mercy. I felt that I had no power to change things or affect the world. I accepted these things, even though they deeply depressed me, drove me to bouts of rage, and left me considering suicide multiple times.

They had such a powerful negative effect on me (I believe now) because they were directing me towards the Truth. Just as Abraham teaches, my emotions, my feelings, were clearly showing me where I was out of alignment with the Truth of who I really am, my Self. At some level I knew that these beliefs, these mindsets, that my parents raised me with, were hurting me, lying to me about myself, and stunting my spiritual growth. It felt bad because it was bad. My parents were unwittingly feeding me poison, because that is what they were fed. Because that is the way things have always been. That is the way things are. That is their definition of reality. That is the reality that they believe in. That is the mindset they have. Like anyone being force-fed poison I fought back, to the best of my abilities, but I was a child, and had not learned yet that I could choose my own beliefs, thoughts and way of thinking.

I am setting the intention, right now, in this moment, I will teach this to my own children, when I have them. Whether they are of my own loins or adopted, they will be taught that they can choose their own believes, mindsets and ways of thinking. I will empower my children. I will direct and guide them as they follow their own internal guidance. But I will not attempt to force them in any direction. I have come to understand that we each have to walk our own path, and I will be or do whatever I need to be or do that my children may walk theirs. The more of us raising our children this way, the less our race will collectively destroy itself and our planet.

If you have been raising your children like my parents raised me you know what you have been doing up to this point is wrong. You can feel it, deep inside. You push it aside, ignore it, justify it with, “That’s just the way things are…” or “That just the way the world works…” or “I have to get them ready for the real world…” I have already shown you the flawed thinking in the concept or idea of how things are, as defined by you. The same applies to the way the world works, and how in the hell do you claim to have any idea at all of how the world works? There is no human being on earth, even the enlightened ones I presume, who know exactly how the world works, in the comprehensiveness you seem to be implying you have the knowledge, and you are likely not enlightened, so there is no way you really, truly understand the workings of the world, and even if you did, that does not mean that this knowledge is of any value at all in how you instruct, raise and teach your children! Better to be honest with yourself, that you have more questions than answers, and just because the world seems to work for you in a certain way does not mean it will work in the same way for your children. You can apply this to any concept or idea you have of preparing them for the real world, again as you define it, whether you adopted it or acquired it yourself.

Remember these words. Take the steps you should now see clearly that are needed so that your children can pursue their own life paths, without your interference, and grow in their own spiritual direction, without you trying to control it using some sort of religion. You understand god even less than you understand how the world works, so stop presuming your religious beliefs are of any value whatsoever. Everyone has to find the truth in their own experience. Even these words, at best, only point to the Truth. I can not rightly call them truth, anymore than you can call the words of your religion and its holy scriptures Truth. at best they point to the moon, and everyone has to walk their own way there. Your religion is just as useless as your concept or idea of reality. Your children don’t need that dead weight dragging behind them all their lives, trust me as one who has been steadily cutting it away from himself for the last few years.

All your children need from you is your love and support. Your guidance and direction, never forced, only ever offered. Your provision for their needs until they are old enough to provide for themselves. At most you may share religious perspectives with them, and how you see the world. But share only, and clearly let them know that this religion and view of reality is what you have chosen. Be sure they understand that even if they adopt either (or both) of these from you, that it must be only temporarily, that one day they must choose their own beliefs, and define what reality is for themselves. Never try to convert or force them. Never say anything to them that leaves them believing, feeling or thinking they are powerless. Always encourage and empower, without exception!

If you have done your job in what is truly their best interest, your children will be thinking for themselves and following their own spiritual path. They will be listening to their heart, their intuition, their inner guidance. They will be following their dreams and living their own lives. And they will raise their children to do the same, with each generation living more harmoniously together and with their home.

But all change begins inside, starting with you, right now, in this moment, and the shedding of your concept or idea of “reality.”


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