My Words

My words,
Are a gift given freely,
With no expectation.

If I am the only one,
To read them and be blessed,
That is enough.

If just one other,
In all of humanity,
Finds and treasures them,
That is a blessing.

I give the gift of my words,
Then I wrap up some more,
It is no concern of mine,
What happens to them,
I just give them away.

If even one poem remains,
Years after my physical life has ended,
That is enough.

It is a treasure,
That perhaps, should I return one day,
I will recognize like an old friend,
That I have not seen for a very long time,
With that sense of warmth and vague familiarity.

I can be thankful for,
All the countless others,
Those words must have spoken to,
While I was away.

These words are my gift to you,
I received them with gratitude,
And I give them away freely.


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