Another Reason To Be Yourself

An idea that has slipped into human consciousness recently is to be who you are. To be yourself. The reasons for being yourself, and not trying to be like someone else, are fairly obvious. The idea does get tangled up in the idea of uniqueness, which enforces the idea of separation, the whole us VS them mentality. But the truth is there is something unique about you, and that is the reason you are here.

More and more I am agreeing to the teachings of Abraham, and chief among these is that you existed non-physically, or energetically, before you entered your physical body. Does that mean reincarnation is real? I do not know, and am reserved about that. But it does make sense that as a soul or whatever you want to call it, which is what will remain when your physical body ceases to function, you chose to manifest in a physical form. If you chose to manifest in a physical form, then it is certainly reasonable that you had certain things you wanted to experience. Furthermore, it makes sense that you could determine when, where and by whom in physical time you arrived.

It all ties in rather neatly with the idea that we create our own realities. If that is the case, if this is the process whereby we arrive into this physical world, then it becomes even more important that we be ourselves. This just occurred to me tonight actually. If we chose our place and time to manifest, certainly others chose theirs. So your parents chose their place and time, specifically so they could have you as their child. Which means they somehow already knew what you came into this world to experience, and they came into this world to be a part of that, as part of what they wanted to experience.

In other words, if you are not yourself, if you do not follow your heart and live your dreams, you are not experiencing what you came here to experience. You are not living the life you came here to live, and you are not allowing others around you to either. If how you are living your life right now makes you feel bad, chances are it makes others around you feel bad as well, because nobody is experiencing what they came here to experience. When you are living a life that makes you feel good, chances are others around you will also feel good, because everyone is experiencing what they came here to experience.

Certainly there are those who do not feel good when you are living the life that makes you feel good, and are feeling good when the life you are living makes you feel bad. That is very likely what they came here to experience. Certainly there are struggles with our parents as we define ourselves. My parents are Christians, and I have left the Christian faith. Considering how I feel about my life now versus how I used to feel about it, I think I am living the life I came here to live. Those around me helped to propel me here, and I helped to propel others to the lives they are living. I have a friend who was a male and now thinks of herself as transgender. This was an experience I chose to have, knew I would have, before I came here. My time with this person was exactly what they needed so they be propelled to their experience. They wanted to experience being transgender in their physical life. I served my part in their chosen experience, and am serving my part in my parent’s chosen experience, as well as anyone else I interact with.

At some level my parents must have been ready to be challenged about their chosen religion. If I were to guess I would say they are taking the first steps to freeing themselves of religion. By being myself and pursuing my own spiritual path I give them the experience they came here for. If I were to give in, be “saved” just to make them happy, I would be miserable. They may be happy at some level, because their beliefs tell them that I am now “saved” and won’t go to hell, but inside there will be doubts and turmoil. They will sense I am not happy, that I am unfulfilled. I would probably be angry and depressed like I used to be. I am not sure I would even want to continue living. This would hurt them.

As things are now they are scared for me, because I am not “saved”, and they worry I will end up in hell. But at another level they see I am happier than I ever was before. I am more alive, more joyful. Were they to ever read any of these things I have been saying they would be amazed that their son wrote that, had that depth of spiritual experience and understanding. They can sense at some level that I am, more and more, living the life I came here to experience, and as a result they are getting the experiences they came here for. I think maybe this changes people, it creates a space where people can change. I think my parents may be growing spiritually just by being around me. I don’t even have to say anything. I just am myself, and that influences them on some deep level.

I do not understand the intricacies of this, and it seems to imply that reincarnation is real. Why else would you come into a physical life with certain experiences in mind? You must be growing and learning, and it would have to continue on after your time in the physical ceases, until you next time in the physical. Why would the energy that is in all life need or want to experience separation of itself and a physical manifestation of that separated part? Is it bored? Is it growing and learning through us, its individual manifestations? What drives a cell to divide itself? What is that energy, that motivation, beyond any DNA programming coded into it? Maybe whatever it is that drives a cell to divide also drives the energy of life itself to divide and become all the things around us in the physical world.

I do not know, and these questions remain unanswered. What I do know is that everything fits with this idea, this theory, so I will subscribe to it for now. If it is a belief, or becomes a belief, I will not have it be a part of my identity. I hold all beliefs loosely from now on. I identified myself as a Christian, and all the beliefs I was taught were associated with that. Ripping out a part of yourself is not an experience I want to have again. Of course I must have come into this world to have it! But I mean while I am in this physical life. It was probably the hardest thing I ever went through. But I learned not to identify with my beliefs, to be ready to drop them the instant they prove wrong in my own experience, and I have dropped many beliefs over these last few years. I will drop this one as well if it proves to be wrong. But so far it feels right, it clicks on some level, and the teachings of Abraham have affected some sort of inner change that is transforming me in ways I could only label as life affirming and positive.

Some believe that you are a passenger in the car of life. Sadhguru says life just is, and seems to imply that you can’t control it, that to do so creates a story, a fiction. Maybe I didn’t understand what he was saying. But I don’t believe in fate or destiny. I think we are the car, not just the drivers, or the passengers, and we are in control of our lives, even if we choose to relinquish control to the autopilot, consciously or unconsciously. To not take conscious control is to choose to live on autopilot. I choose to take conscious control and responsibility for my life. I will take life as it is, moment by moment. That is my practice. But I am driving now, not on autopilot, and not allowing others to drive me. That is likely the life I came here to experience, and by being true to myself, by being myself, I am allowing others around me to experience what they came here to experience.

We are all connected, the things we do have a definite effect on others, even if we are not aware of it, don’t see it, or it is not obvious. We also have an effect on the human race, and the more of us coming off autopilot, the less that will be the default of our fellow humans. Our task in this life is simple. We live our own lives. We follow our dreams and our heart. We listen to our feelings and intuition. We let them guide us to a life that feels good, feels right. We will know it when we are there. You could call that our Dharma, and by living our Dharma, we allow others to live theirs.


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