You say that your feelings are dangerous,
That they are untrustworthy and treacherous,
But I say they are a reliable and wondrous,
Direct communication from God,
And you would do well,
To place your faith in them.

Maybe you also feel,
That God doesn’t speak to you,
But I tell you that whatever,
Or whoever you call God,
Is speaking to you all the time,
Directly through your feelings,
That if you listened to them,
You would be listening to your heart,
You would be listening,
To your gut or intuition,
You would be hearing the voice,
Of what you call God.

Most want the hard evidence,
They want the scientific proof,
They want something they can test,
With their physical senses,
Or equipment and instruments,
But life is far more than physical,
Something like 96% of it in fact!
So it’s time to use the other senses,
That science, in its ignorance,
Has not yet recognized.

If something you are thinking,
Or are about to say or do,
Makes you feel bad, stop,
See if there is another thought,
Another word or action,
That feels better,
Then do that instead.

Like any skill this must be practiced,
You may find yourself returning,
To your old ways of thinking,
Again and again,
But keep at it,
Keep taking the time,
To see how you feel,
Before you act,
Then get back to me,
About the nature,
Of your feelings.

I, more than most, live in my head,
I want to figure it out, to understand,
But some things defy the intellectual,
And spit in the face of the logical,
Because they are not mental,
They have no basis in “reality.”

I am fast coming to see,
That stepping out in faith,
In sheer defiance of “reality”,
Is the best way to be,
And course of action for me,
That, in doing so, life flows,
Much more easily,
Try it for yourself,
And you will see!

Embrace your feelings,
Like old friends,
Back from a long journey,
Welcome them into your home,
Listen quietly when they speak,
Head the wisdom they gathered,
From all of their travels,
Because they have seen more,
Of the Truth than you,
They are the bridge,
Between your physical body,
And whatever lives on after,
They see the bigger picture,
While you can only see,
A few pieces at a time,
Trust that they only have,
Your very best interests at heart,
Even when it may not seem so,
At the time, just have faith,
They will never lead you astray.


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