Thank you!

You gave me these words,
You shared them with me,
I could have sharpened their edges,
Thrown sharp words like daggers back,
But I found myself smiling, almost laughing!

Thank you!

I am light, bubbling inside,
I am openness and aware,
I am non-resistance,
I am embracing you,
So many words,
Come to mind,
One of them,
Is Brother.

Thank you!

You are my brother,
Or my sister,
Or maybe no gender,
Soul meeting soul,
Pieces of each other,
I see you,
Mirror of myself,
As myself,
For the first time!

Thank you!

I had a choice,
In how I would feel,
In how I would respond,
In what I would say,
In what I would see,
I chose lightness,
An inner warmth,
And a smile,
Bordering on laughter.

Thank you!

We are all actors,
Wearing our masks,
Playing our roles,
Forgetting they are roles,
Forgetting they are merely,
The parts we are playing,
And when the play is over,
We shall remove our masks,
And see each other,
As we really are,
Mirror fragments,
Aspects of one being,
The Source,
From which we came.

For just a moment,
I saw beyond your mask,
So once again,
Thank you!


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