Straight & Narrow

Of what use is justice, punishment or revenge?
Can pain be stopped with more pain?
If we punish those who cause pain,
Those who have broken our laws,
What incentive could that possibly give them,
To stop creating pain for others?
Only to stop receiving pain would they stop giving it,
But no actual change has occurred within them

Look at the world around you…
Where are these human concepts,
Of justice, punishment and revenge?
The natural world is in harmony,
Harmony is its natural state,
Love is the natural state of a human,
Perfection is a human’s natural state,
But love is blocked in a human by their society,
And their natural perfection is forgotten.

Pain can only perpetuate pain,
A human can only change themselves,
Humanity is a collective reflection,
Of each one of us individually.
When each of us truly love,
Remembering our perfection,
Humanity will change collectively,
And human society will no longer produce,
Those who choose to cause others pain.

This is the only Way.

Humanity is destroying itself and its home,
Humanity’s beliefs, reinforced through its religions,
Are the source of humanity’s collective insanity.
The most devout Buddhist monk is sexually repressed,
Unable to remember their perfection,
Unable to demonstrate true love,
No matter how loving they may seem to be.
This is seen in the followers of all religions.

We are so caught up in the enlightening and saving of others,
We fail to become enlightened ourselves,
And we fail to see that we have no need to be saved.
As long as we believe we must be saved,
We can never realize our natural perfection,
And we will be unable to truly love ourselves or any other.

True love is a vacuum, empty of all, containing no “I”,
True love is unity, a seamless joining,
When we can love ourselves beyond our sense of self,
We can love another beyond their sense of self,
In this unity there is no “I” and no “other”,
In this unity we come to realize our natural perfection.

The practice is simple,
We do not return pain for pain,
We forgive, we turn the other cheek,
Not in pride or a holier-than-thou attitude,
But in the certain knowledge,
That returning pain changes nothing, solves nothing,
That the one causing pain is not in their Right Mind,
They do not know any better.

There is no criticism or judgment here,
The first step is to forgive,
The second step is to return love,
As much love as we can muster,
That has no expectation attached.

It is time to stop listening to our religions,
To stop critisizing and judging,
Both ourselves and others.
To love with no expectation,
No thought of what we will get in return.
To be open and receptive,
A martial artist with life.
To Admit, Accept and Allow,
Instead of Repress, Reject and Resist.
To flow around the obstacles in our lives,
Not launch ourselves against them,
Or run away from them.

True freedom is not found in fighting,
Fighting only encloses us in a cage of pain,
Caught in such a cage,
We can not remember our perfection,
And we can not truly love ourselves or any other.
True freedom is found only in Openness and Receptivity,
And the process of Admit, Allow and Accept.

There is no other way.

This is the “Straight & Narrow” mentioned in the Bible,
This is what it really means to “Turn the other cheek”,
The only thing from which humanity must be “saved”,
Is the imposition of its collective idea of “righteousness.”

Every human being is a symptom of some aspect of humanity,
Every human sympton has a cause in human society,
The need for laws, regulations and rules,
As well as other ways to control or govern humans,
Vanishes when those things that caused them,
Are no longer a part of human society.

In  society where every human,
Remembers their natural perfection,
With no thought of “I” or “other”,
There is no need for law,
Because there will be nothing,
In human society that would drive,
Any of its members to cause pain.

Laws only exist so long as there is a need for them,
When humanity collectively leaves its prison of pain,
It will have outgrown any need for governance or law,
And it will live peaceably with each other and its home.


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