They Call It Being Saved…

They tell us to receive Jesus into our heart,
To give ourselves to him and we will be saved,
They use verses from their holy book,
What they call “God’s Word”,
Yet this receiving Jesus into our hearts,
Is nowhere to be found inside.

I am saddened to see so clearly the brainwashing,
Christianity is a cult, ruled by the fear of hell,
Where you will go, if you are not saved,
Once you are a Christian there is little hope of escape,
You are forced to follow what others call the truth.

There is little chance of another perspective,
Over all, this threat of eternal damnation if you leave,
Christianity takes the only thing of value that you have,
The power to choose and think for yourself,
And the means to discover god in your own experience.

How sad and disappointing,
Humans becoming sheep and lemmings,
Worse, willing doing so,
Then casting their humanity aside!
And they call it being saved…


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