Ride of Your Life!

I make an angry statement,
My jaw set firm, iron will,
Determination launched from desire,
The wheel in my white-knuckled grip,
Forcing my will on the universe.

Driving the vehicle of my life this way,
I set a straight and narrow course,
Through any impediment or obstacle,
If I get there in the end,
I will be joyless and weary when I arrive.

Slowly I learn to loosen my grip,
Relax, release, let go, softening my will,
Using it only to set my initial course,
While I flow around anything in my way,
Arriving I am refreshed and joyful.

Fighting against the current,
Gives only the illusion of strength,
Will should never perpetuate action,
Action should smoothly flow,
It is about the journey, not the destination.

Set your course,
Breathe in, breathe out,
Release, let go,
And enjoy the ride,
Of your life!


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