Mini Lesson – Hope VS Expectation

As we approach Christmas we enter a time where many of us are expectant and/or hopeful.

To be expectant or have expectancy, that, for example, someone will send us some money, or we will get that gift we wanted, enmeshes us in time. Time is the realm of mind and ego, the antitheses of the present moment.

When we are expecting something we think back to what happened in the past and determining what will happen, or we are looking to the future, and again based on what happened in the past, expecting that. We can only make predictions to the future based on our perception of what happened in the past.

Hope on the other hand does not by default enmesh you in time. It can do this, you can think back to things that happened and hope things improve. But you can also base your hope on the present moment. You can look to the future with no attachment, no aversion, hoping for something, looking forward to it, but without any reference to things that happened in the past, no comparisons, criticism or  judgment.

The key, as always, is to be aware and fully present, right here, right now, in this moment. You can not be in this state if there is any expectancy for anything in you. But you can be in this state if you are hoping someone will send you some money or you receive that gift you wanted.

Right now, in this moment, are you expectant or hopeful? If you are expectant, be aware of this feeling, and see how it is affecting your physical body. Simply notice, and if words, images – anything at all comes to mind, make a note of it or write it down. No criticism, no judgment.

The only way to change something perceived as negative or undesirable is to first bring your awareness and the light of your presence to it. Then Admit, Allow and Accept it, releasing it, letting it go to work itself out. This is how you transmute expectancy into something more present-minded, such as hope.

In manifestation, the ideal state is neither expectancy or hope. It is faith, a knowing, with every fiber of your being, that what you have asked for is manifested. Faith comes from belief, belief comes from a repeating thought which you have identified with through the ego.

A perfect illustration of this is in the last scenes of the polar express. Billy says, “I want to believe… I want to believe…” then he says, “I believe?” then finally, “I believe!” and he can hear the bells on santa’s sleigh. This is a simplified illustration of a thought becoming a belief then becoming a faith that Billy had all the rest of his life.

For more on awareness, present-mindedness and time refer to Eckart Tolle’s, “The Power of Now”
For more on the process of Admit, Allow and Accept refer to Jeff Foster’s, “The Deepest Acceptance.”


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