The Gift

I wonder…
Does it matter,
That I would give myself,
To you unreservedly?

That through this act,
You would receive,
What is most precious to me,
More valuable than even my life?

It would be a gift to you,
But society,
Has made it a curse,
For me.

I would do anything for you,
I would do anything to be with you,
I would do anything to have you,
But would that even matter to you?

I would like to think so,
Yes, I am naive, I know,
But this is how I feel for you,
What I would give and do.

I wish you would someday feel the same,
I wish you knew more than my name,
I wish I could speak the words I’m writing,
I am being honest – I’m not playing a game.

By society’s standards this is insane,
There is this whole “age gap” thing,
My affections considered creepy or lame,
There would be no reciprocation.

It looks like am just rambling now,
Loosing my gathered thoughts somehow,
They are scattering with the wind,
From your silent, unspoken rejection.


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