The Journey

It begins…

With a small movement,
In a larger direction,
Towards this being, this state,
That I already am,
But am not experiencing.

One small bite,
Of the elephant,
At a time,
The first step,
In a journey,
Of thousands.

No focus on the destination,
No dwelling on the past,
It is the journey,
That is important.

One movement, one moment,
Moment by moment,
Until you find,
You have arrived.

In that moment you experience,
That which you wished to,
Your claim, your request,
Is granted, your wish fulfilled.

This was your natural state,
Back when you started,
You already were as one,
Experiencing this  state,
But you did not realize this,
Now you find you are that one!

It is as natural as breathing,
With the next breath,
The journey starts again,
Making you who you are already,
Making that future reality yours,
Bringing you effortlessly,
To that place you wished to go,
No effort on your part,
Nothing more than a single step,
That brought you here.


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