When I pulled a stick of incense from its box today I swear I selected the smallest stick, one of the broken ones. I set it aside and I put all the other sticks away. But when I looked at the stick I set aside, it was full size.

The first thing that occurred to me was that the broken stick had been restored to full size or replaced by an unbroken one. I checked the box to be sure. Sometimes, in the past, I have selected something, but then I see I put my hand on something else. That was not the case this time.

After verifying I decided it was a lesson in manifestation. Being, Source or the Universe demonstrating how there are no limits to manifestation. How it can be, in our perception of time, instantaneous. I didn’t even need to ask. A gift from the universe. My only part in it was to receive.

The logical mind looks at how some sticks stick out more than others in your hand or in the box. In this comes a lesson in perception. I thought I selected a smaller stick when it reality more of it was sticking out the back, behind my hand or inside the box. In reality, all the sticks were the same size and I only saw one of them as being shorter.

Still a valuable lesson in how our sight can sometime betray us. How our perception of what we define as real may not be real at all. How we may not be seeing things as they are.

Either way, a clear message. There is no limit to manifestation. Anything can come into my life, into what I perceive and refer to as physical reality, instantly. There are no limits.

I must bring my full awareness to my actions. What I see, in order to see things as they are, to the best of my ability at that moment. I need to see clearly, have an unclouded perception to see things as they are, before I can take the best course of action.

If I take action on a wrong perception, my action will not be to the best for that circumstance. I may make mistakes, I may harm or hurt someone, or I may end up wasting my energy making something harder than it has to be, or treating it as easier than I should, when I need to bring my full awareness into it.

In short, being aware leads to moving with awareness. If I am not being aware I can not move with awareness, and my actions will not be the best they can be, or they need to be, at that moment in time.

The Importance of Awareness


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