To Ryokan

In this world,
There is nothing evil,
There is nothing good,
There is only is-ness,
And how we perceive it.

Remove all the trappings,
Of modern man,
You will still have sex,
Eventually trade.

So many religions,
Preach austerity,
As if it were some virtue,
But it is not natural,
Not a part of the world,
That we have been given.

Austerity is not good,
Sex is not evil,
Poorness is not blessed,
Money is not cursed.

Good, evil,
Blessed, cursed,
All fabrications of man.

This world is clay,
We make from it,
What we will.

It is a gift,
So unwrap it,
Because what is inside,
Is far better,
Than its packaging!

Living like as a monk,
Is like living life as a corpse,
Why proceed so quickly,
From birth to death?

Enjoy the journey!
Enjoy all this world,
Has to offer!
Walk between extremes,
Outside of duality,
Find the pathless path.

If we were intended to live as monks,
This world would be a monastery,
If we were intended to go without sex,
There would be no men or women!

Even the bird wears his feathers,
So why only a tattered robe,
For you, dear Ryokan?

If all paths lead to death,
Take some time to appreciate,
This world and your life!


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