How You Can Change The World

Sometimes I feel so powerless. I read something, like what China is doing to Tibet, and how nobody is doing anything about it, and I wish I could wave a finger and kill everyone on earth who is bad. Who is harming others, being oppressive, being criminal. Just wave a finger, and only good people will be left.

But I realized today that all the countries are being mirrors to each other. China is being a mirror to America and maybe India, among other countries. China is showing us what we need to address as a race. America is showing other countries what they need to do. These mirrors not only show each country what they need to collective become or do, these mirrors all together are showing the human race what needs to change in its being, its consciousness.

Maybe suffering itself is unnecessary. But these mirrors are. When humanity has become what it needs to become, has gown how it needs to grow, is what it needs to be, doing what it needs to do, the mirrors will cease. There will be no more countries doing horrible things showing us what needs to be addressed. That will simply stop. Humanity will know when it, as a race, is collectively where it needs to be because there will be no mirrors anywhere showing any country or group or person the things they need to address. There will be nothing more to address. Suffering will cease, conflict will cease. There will only be harmony.

As long as there is disharmony, as long as there are mirrors, there are things that must be changed. Things that must be addressed, Things that must be faced. We start the process with ourselves, and it proceeds outward from there. We do not force anything to happen, or make anything happen. Things just naturally happen, we flow into whatever courses of action that need to be taken. But we start with ourselves first, and it spreads from there to our families, or communities, our nations and finally the world.

All change begins one person at a time, looking at the mirror of the world outside of themselves, seeing what needs to be addressed, and dealing with it. Like a man looking in a mirror to see if his tie is straight. Or a woman looking in a mirror to see if her hair is gathered neatly. They wouldn’t know to straighten their tie, or if it was straight, had they not used the mirror. They wouldn’t know that their hair is gathered together correctly, hanging evenly, set the way they wanted.

What is referred to as”the real world” is a mirror to each of us. We look out in this world and whatever we see that is, in our perception, bad, negative or wrong, is showing us what we need to change in our own lives. It is showing us what we need to address in our own lives.

Eventually we come to the point where we look outside and all is harmonious in our perception. That means we have changed what we needed to changed, become what we needed to become. Others may see the word differently, but that is because they are seeing what they need to address in their own lives. If one of these people brought a conflict or war to the attention of the one seeing things harmoniously, they would not longer be seeing things harmoniously, and would be seeing something they need to be or change.

When nothing is brought to their attention, they proceed in the world, living as examples to the rest of us because there is no disharmony around them, no conflict, nothing wrong. In their immediate sphere if influence there is nothing that needs to be addressed. When we all live like that humanity is no longer in conflict. Until we live like that, we must each deal with ourselves, and our individual spheres of influence.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time, and you change the world one person at a time. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary. Rosa Parks just stayed in her seat. As a result, America was set on the road to change. You just do whatever it is you can do, based on what is reflected to you in your sphere of influence.

Maybe you used to be a smoker, but you quit, and you see others smoking around you. You know how hard it was to quit, you know why you quit, so you share with those others these things. They decide to quit, and maybe, following your example, they share why they quit with others. So it goes. Some may not quit, that does not mean you failed, or anyone failed. You did what you could do, in your sphere of influence, and maybe sharing one time is not enough. Maybe you have to share multiple times. Or maybe the sharing is not important to this person. Maybe this one who has not quit is watching you, waiting for you to stumble, to smoke again. So your course of action for them is to remain strong. Be an example. Never smoke again. That will bring them to change.

The change can be fast or slow. It does not matter. We do not try to make anyone or anything change. We change ourselves, and in the natural flow of our lives, if there is other action to take, we take it. We give no thoughtr to who is changing or not changing. We give no thought to how fast or slow the change is taking place. We let all of that go, do what flows naturally for us in our lives to do, and leave the rest. It is enough that we have done that, there is nothing more to do. A snowball starts small and it takes a long time for it to become a mountain. All we can do is build the initial snowball and send it on its way.

In the case of Tibet what I can do is start up my petition again. I can share a link to that petition. That is all I can do, at this moment. That is enough. That is the start of the snowball, the first bite of the elephant. Someone else may send a letter to get the attention of those in power in their government. Someone else may start a protest to raise awareness. This is how the snowball grows, how the elephant is consumed. I do not think about how I should be doing something else, or should not be doing this. It is in my awareness, I need to address it. China is being a mirror to my country, so my country must address the issues the reflection shows in itself. But my country can do nothing, and will do nothing, unless its individuals do something, unless I, as one of its individuals, do what flows naturally in my sphere of influence to do.

This is the power I have, the power to change the world. It is not a power I need ti fight for or seek. It is not even a power I earn,. This is the power I have already, the power of simply being aware, noting when something presents to me the issues I must address in my own life. You possess this same power. You are not powerless. Where you live, your lief circumstances, ate irrelevant. If you are alive you have this power, period. To use it, simply look around you at the things you perceive to be bad, negative or wrong. Things you want to change, things that convict you.

If you are a Chinese citizen, look at what your country is doing to Tibet. Would you like those things to be done in your own country, your own cities, to your own families? If you feel convicted about the actions of your country, speak out. Stand together, in whatever way you can, to raise awareness of what is going on in Tibet, and in this way, you can influence the actions of your country. China is your country, it belongs to you collectively, the individuals and their families who lives there. Not just to the people in charge or the royal families. What is going in in Tibet is showing you what needs to be addressed in your country, and what is going on in your country shows you clearly what needs to be addressed in your individual lives. Be what you need t be, do what you need to do, change your country and help change the world.

If you are a Chinese soldier in Tibet, abandon your post. This is what you can do. Or, if you have authority, give orders that will help the Tibetan people. Go against the orders of your country. That is what you can do. If you are a Chinese police officer, called in to stop a protest, stay home. If you have authority in the Chinese police, disobey any orders against the Chinese people. The Chinese government is absolutely powerless without its police officials and soldiers. Imagine if all the soldiers and police officers stopped following the orders of its government in a peaceful protest! Things would change very quickly, with little or no violence.

Determine what these things, being mirrors to you, are telling you to address in your own life. Make the changes, allow yourself to be whatever you need to be. Do not make anything happen, do not run away from what is happening. Be or do what flows naturally for you to be or do in your own sphere of influence.

In this way we navigate our lives. We know what to change in ourselves that needs changing. We know what to do in our lives that needs doing. By addressing these things in ourselves, we address the issues we see in the world. We become the butterfly, moving its wings, causing a tornado on the other side of the planet.


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