You Are Not God

This post comes to you after I finished reading Alan Watt’s, “The Wisdom of Insecurity.” This is a work I recommend everyone on any spiritual path read. You may not understand everything, but the author writes on a number of important subjects, using a variety of religious and scientific viewpoints. It helped to clarify a few things for me, from back when I was a more avid Hay House reader.

You are not God. You, in the sense of a person with a name tag, birthday, personality, etc., can never be God. Because that you is your ego, your “I.” It is a mask, an illusion, it is not real. Whoever or whatever in our that is not your “I” may very well be God. The reason you want to say, “I am God” is because your ego is attempting to preserve itself. If you are anything, you are a mask that God wears. The problem is that the mask has become the identity. So it is like an actor who so identifies with his role he forgets who he really is! The actor becomes his character, but forgets who he was before.

I always had trouble with this idea that I am God. It never sat right with me and I told myself it was because of my former Christian faith. But I suspect that it is more than that. That I was sensitive enough to detect something false here. I also had trouble with the idea that we are all connected, all one. But that I could accept more than this other idea. Now I think I understand the truth.

We will create a character named Mary. Mary has read teachings that seem to lead her to believe, or they really do lead her to believe, that she is God. She has shouted this over the sea, like a certain celebrity is rumored to have done. She feels happy, like she has it al figured out. But all she has done is perpetuated her ego, strengthened its hold on her. She has failed to come into this present moment and realize that there is no such being named Mary. There is no “I” in the present moment. My guess is that enlightenment is what happens when you wake up and realize that you don’t exist. Mary has not woken up, she is still asleep.

Whatever energy that drives Mary’s body and lives on after the physical form ceases to function has no identity. It has no need to make a statement like, “I am God.” In a way it is like a tree. A tree spreads it branches and grows leaves, almost as if it expects or presumes it will receive sunlight. The tree is claiming the light it needs to grow. Whatever energy is inside Mary simply is whatever it is, and if that energy is indeed the same energy in you and I, than we could label that energy God. But if this is the case then that energy would make no statements of that kind as it has no pride, expectation, presumption, idealization. In short it has no ego. If it is God it simply is that, and it could care less that you believe it is God or not. Just as a tree could care less if you like where it places itself, or its limbs and leaves.

Your “I”, this mask with its HIStory or HERstory, it’s name, its beliefs, hopes, dreams, everything that you can write its name on, that part of you dies with your physical body. It does not live on. It can not be God. God, being God, can be anything or do anything it pleases. But your ego lives only as long as your physical form. Just as you can only identify yourself as someone with 2 arms as long as you have 2 of them. If you come to a time where you only have 1 arm your identity has to change. So your identity changes with the death of the physical body.

Does that mean nothing of ourselves lives on after death? I can not say. I am not sure. If I were to guess I would say that you become whatever or whoever you really are at death, and you know that truth about the mask you were wearing during your physical existence. Maybe you keep your experiences and whatever you managed to learn. Maybe the mask is gently put away somewhere and collected. I am pretty sure though that you know the truth of who you are at death. The only way to know this sooner is to become enlightened while alive.

As I understand it, not having an ego, an identity, is not as horrible as your ego, your identity, makes it seem it would be. All that really happens is that the actor wakes up, realize he has been playing character, and is able to be himself again. Mary realizes that the ego, the identity wearing the name Mary, does not exist, so she can not be God. I want to say that God may wear a mask, but can not be the mask, but that would be to limit God, which is a mistake of many religions. No, in Mary’s case she wakes up, understands who she really is, that this energy or force is what is actually God, not Mary, not her, “I.”

Once a person wakes up in this way the things that happen to the physical body or to the ego, the identity, have no effect on them. They know that these things are not who they really are. So life becomes free, liberating. They are no longer caught up in the things they used to think were happening to them. They realize that nothing whatsoever has really happened to them, who they really are. It happened to the physical body, the ego, the identity. It happened to the mask, not the one wearing it.

That is the difference, in my perception. You are either asleep, identified with the mask you wear, thinking the mask is you. Or you are awake, no longer identified with the mask, knowing the mask is not you. You can put it on or take it off as needed in your relations with other human beings, most of whom would be asleep. You are free to do this, unlike most other people, who do not realize they are even wearing a mask.

I had this whole post planned out in my mind, but t came out fare rougher than I intended. But that is OK. I think I made the point perfectly clear. I am asleep, just like many of you. Unlike you however, I think I might be in the process of waking up. I claim nothing. I claim to know nothing for sure. I will no longer claim to know who or what God is. Because God could be anything, even things outside of my understanding. But it is a safe bet that God does not have an ego, and that no ego could be God. That God exists outside an ego or any need for one. This does not mean that God could never be an ego, or have an ego. God can do whatever the hell he/she/it damn well pleases!

I am just saying that it is a safe bet that God is outside any ego, beyond it, above it, in some state away from it. So it is also a safe bet to say that you are not God, nor am I. At least as far as the part of us that has a name, or can be named. I would be suspicious of any teachers who lead you to believe, or say otherwise. Whatever exists beyond that, any unnameable, unknowable aspect of ourselves, that may very well be God, and at that level you and I as well as everyone else that has ever lived, is living, or will ever live, may very well be all one. When you and I come to know this in our own experience, when you and I have woken up and realized we are wearing masks, that our “I”s do not really exist, that is when you and I will have become enlightened.


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