The Problem With Asking

I have been with this for a while now. It’s sort of like a koan. Understanding does not  come from thinking it through. Teachers of New Thought, or what I call, the Manifestation Teachings, to my knowledge do not mention this. The question is, how do I manifest what I need or want in my life?

My most recent poem, “Manifestation”, addresses this in part. The problem was running in the hamster wheel of my mind, and I looked out at the trees, then it came to me. Trees do not ask for sunlight, or water, or anything! Neither do they assume or expect anything.

For a tree life is very simple. If you want to live, you must stretch out branches and cover them with leaves. You must grow tall enough, even in the midst of other trees, to get the light and water you need and want. There is always enough light and water for you. The tree that does not stretch out in this way does not grow and therefore dies.

This state is presumptive in nature. if the tree had any thoughts (which it doesn’t) it would be expecting, presuming the light and water to come that it needs and wants. If it had wants (which it doesn’t.) The tree wouldn’t concern itself with there not being enough, or whether or not it deserved it, the tree wouldn’t be concerned about others growing nearby that seemed have more. It wouldn’t assume that there isn’t enough light or water to go around if it was in a forest.

This is the example set for us when we wish to manifest something we need or want in our own lives. This is how we are instructed, by the world around us, to approach Being or Source or God or whatever or whoever you want to call it. There is no thinking about deserving or not deserving. There is no thinking about whether or not there is enough. All things physical come from energy and energy is infinite.

There is some state that is a combination and beyond expectation, presumption, assuming. There is a stretching out, an acceptance, openness and receptivity. This is how we manifest the things we need or want.

We do not ask, because asking implies a question of deservedness, or worthiness. Asking is therefore resistance. Asking is the inverse of being accepting, open and receiving. The natural world around us does not ask. It claims, and this is what we are to do.

The tree claims the light and water it needs. So we claim the things that we need or want that we wish to manifest. Claiming is not taking. It is the best word I can come up with for this. It is us virtually planting a flag with our name on it in whatever it is we need or want. This is the mindset we have and the state we are in.

This is difficult for us, hard and unnatural. We are taught in our religions that we need to grovel before whatever or whoever we call God. We are to beg for the scraps from His/Her/Its almighty table. I tell you right now this is bullshit, and not what that entity or force you refer to as God ever intended.

In the Christian tradition followers are taught they are rightful heirs. That is the correct state to be in. We come in boldly before whatever or whoever we call God and we state what it is we need or want. There is no fight or struggle to have the right mindset, to think positively, to retain some sort of expectant feeling, although we can infuse our prayers with the “…feeling of the wish fulfilled”, as Wayne Dyer refers to it.

This is where the Manifestation Teachings have it wrong in my opinion. We must  state what it is we need or want, claiming it. We must do so confidently, in a state of acceptance, openness and receptivity. We are like a tree putting out branches and leaves. We stretch towards the light and we don’t worry about the others around us. Our stretching towards the light will inspire them to do the same, or perish. But that is their choice and responsibility, not ours.

Too many of us, myself included, have been content to grow stunted in the shadows of others. We have few branches, few leaves, so we receive very little of what we need or want. We feel we are unworthy, or not worthy enough. There is always some enough that becomes the carrot on a stick that we never reach.

But we were not made to live like that. We have the right to live exactly how we need or want. There is no higher calling in being a beggar or living poorly. You are not more spiritual somehow because you have cast away all possessions. I would say you are abusing and denying yourself, were you to choose to live like that. You are under the delusion that you can’t be spiritual and wealthy. It is a delusion, a belief of others you have chosen to adopt. I advise you throw it out immediately.

Physical resources may appear limited. Do you know why? Because mankind believes they are limited. This is the reality we have collectively created for ourselves, by delusions such as we have to be poor to be happy and spiritual. If we were all to claim whatever it is we needed or wanted, we would find that all of the resources would increase. There would be more than enough for everyone and everything. Because everything physical in this world starts as energy. We only draw in as much energy as we are a vibrational match for.

Right now mankind is a vibrational match for limitation, lack and a polluted world. Right now mankind does not collectively believe we can all live like kings, enjoy life, and be spiritual. Right now mankind does not collectively believe we can live in harmony with our world and each other. So this is the world mankind has inherited, and this is the world mankind will pass to its children. We are literally dying of thirst in an oasis because we have the stupid idea that we must ask for permission to drink the water!

We can not change mankind collectively and should not try. Change is a choice – it can not be forced. We can, however, change ourselves, and our viewpoints. We can throw out these beliefs we have held onto for so long that we are undeserving or unworthy. Or that there is not enough to go around. Or anything else that cuts you off from your right to claim the things you need or want to manifest in your life.

Change yourself first, this is the first step to changing the world. Set an example for your children and others you influence. That is step two. If we all do that, this world will be drastically changed, for the better. The more of us doing this, the quicker this change will occur.


2 thoughts on “The Problem With Asking

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    • The link to your site no longer functions, leading me to believe you may be a spammer.

      Just in case you are not, yes, I have thought about writing an eBook, and actually have one started on some things I thought were important to be aware of in the manifestation practice and process.

      I would be happy to be a guest author on any blog. I think you should easily be able to contact me through my Gravatar/Wordpress profile. Or you could simply reply to this comment with an updated link to your blog page and any questions you may have.

      I approve all comments before they are posted, so you could use that as a way to contact me with a comment that is a communication and not intended to be posted as a comment. Just be sure to tell me at the start of the comment you write and post.

      Thank you for your interest.


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