The Advantages of Duality

Before we begin I will define duality for you. Duality is the state in which most human beings reside. There is what is perceived to be good, and what is perceived to be bad. There is right and wrong, and us VS them. There is always an opposite present when one is in a state of duality. There is even duality in duality VS non-duality.

We have to come to a place where we see the state of duality very clearly, because there is also a state outside of duality, and non-duality. A state of is-ness, where duality or non-duality may be present, but this state remains outside of both. It is a state outside of right and wrong, good and bad, perfect and imperfect.

You can think of this state as the sky. Clouds may float across it, they may even cover the sky up. But as the clouds pass by, as they clear up, there is the sky, exactly as it was. The sky is always there whether or not you can perceive it. This is the best way I can come up with to help you visualize this state beyond states.

This is also, more than likely, the place where whatever or whoever you call God resides. A mind beyond or outside duality is a mind like the Source, my name for what others call God. My guess is that those who are enlightened have come to a place where their default is no longer duality, it has gone beyond or outside it. Their natural state has become the same as the natural state of whatever or whoever they think of as God.

Now for those of us caught, snared or trapped in duality, we can actually use duality to our advantage! I realized this today. That if there is a state of failure that a person may be in, there must also be a state of success.

That’s the thing about duality. If one state exists, so does its opposite. There are no exceptions to this rule, as we have seen even duality has an opposite state of non-duality, and both duality and non-duality exist in duality. To be outside of duality is to be both and neither duality and non-duality at the same time.

So yes, you can be perfect. But lurking on the other side of your state of perfection is imperfection. So it is not like what your religions may teach you. Humans can be perfect. But as long as they are perfect they are in duality, and the opposite state of non-perfection exists.

As I said, if you are in a state of failure, there is equal possibility for you to be in a state of success. If you are in a state of being blocked, there is also an equal chance of being unblocked. If you are closed you can open. If you are resistant you can be receptive. If you are rejected you can be accepted.

No state in duality is permanent, because all duality has equal chance of going from one state to another. This is thought of as riding the waves in Advaitist teachings. You can ride the waves, going up and down, up and down, or you can become the ocean. The ocean in this case is the state beyond or outside of duality.

So if you are a writer like me in a state of not-writing and non-acceptance of your gift/penchant/talent of writing, there exists in equal measure and equal chance of happening a state of writing and acceptance of this gift/penchant/talent.

Nothing is permanent; duality is not, and can not, be permanent. It has to fluctuate between one state and another, as well as all the states in between. That means if you feel as if you are failing now that is OK. Be with your failure. Admit, allow and accept all you are feeling and thinking. Be authentic and honest with everything you are feeling and thinking. Let the state of failure work itself out, without trying to run away from it or cling to it (some people say, “I’m a failure!” This is a form of clinging to the state of failure by making it a part of their identity.)

No attachment, no aversion. Do not cling to any state in duality, do not chase after any state in duality, do not run away from any state in duality and do not deny any state in duality. Always admit, allow and accept. Always be authentic and honest. Always remember, no attachment, no aversion.

Keep in mind that if you are failing now there is an equal change of you succeeding. So let failure work itself out, on its own, and when it has done so, success will come. Appreciate and enjoy the time of success, and let it be there as long as it is there. Then let success go when failure drops in for a visit. Treat both like honored and treasured guests, opposite sides of the same coin. A time of failure could become a time to relax, rest and just let go. It can be a blessing. It can teach you. Then success comes and you have all new lessons to learn. This can become a time of joyful activity.

Become a person who does not identify themselves as a failure or success. Instead become someone to whom success and failure just happens. They are clouds across the sky, but not the sky itself. They are waves on the ocean, but they do not affect the ocean’s depths.

Keep these words in mind, and if you find yourself in what you perceive to be a negative state, use them to remind you that its opposite exist just around the corner, in equal measure and with equal chance of happening.


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