How Do I Enter A State of Money?

You can’t. It is impossible for you to attain. It has to come naturally. You have to attract money naturally. Some attract money by working, Others steal. You have to find your way to attract (or draw in) money. Like fishing. You have to find the right lure, the one that works consistently for you. And it will only ever be your lure, (used by) nobody else, even through [despite the fact] theirs may be similar. Also it is fishing without seeking the fish. Fishing without chasing after the fist [hunting.] Hunting without chasing.

So then, what is the right bait for you? That is the question you really need answered. How can you make it so money comes to you as easily as it seemed to you to be doing previously, after a long time of asking and wanting but not receiving? What can you do or not do? What did you do then that you need to do now? Or what did you not do that you need to stop doing?

The truth is you have been working on your mindset for a while now. You are getting better at how you think about money – improving in fact. There is not so much of a focus on limitation and lack. This is the design process of the lure. You are making your lure, even as you write this. You have to be patient. It will become obvious what you can do to lure money into your life.

Until then you can always ask me for whatever funds you need or want. I will provide. I may not provide the way you expect or want. You might ask, for example, for the $7.00 for the seminar and book being offered. I might give you a choice. You can spend the $10.00 you got from ____ for ____ or you can ask me. Not use that money and listen to your conscience. There is no judgment, no criticism. Just action and consequence. Your decision will aid in the design of your lure or hinder it. The choice is always yours, that is free will.

Your are disgruntled, caught in a martyrdom loop. You feel you usually do the right thing and what has it gotten you? You are thinking that you will not use the money , not get the course as a result, and nobody will care. There is no reward. No reason to be nice, to do the right thing. To listen to your conscience or follow your heart. So you suffer. You think it would be easier to take what you want. But you are afraid that if you do you open yourself to bad things happening to you, or those you love, and this fear is not ungrounded. But you could still have bad things happen to you and your loved ones, no matter how good you are. You hear stories about what happens to nice people all the time. The truth is that taking what you want has more bad consequences than being nice. Being nice harmonizes you with the loving way of the universe. Ultimately your actions should be based in/on love. Then if bad things happen to you, good things will also happen.

So I may not provide you with $7.00 for the book and seminar. But I might bring the same information, whatever you need from it, if anything, into your life in another way. Because you are not asking for the book and seminar. You would be asking for the teachings of the book and seminar. Even if you were to specifically ask for the book and seminar, you aren’t going to put them in a case and collect them! That is not what you want at all. You thought you would read the book, attend the seminar, watch the videos or listen to the CDs or whatever they gave you. So it is the content you want, not its delivery system. So it may seem as if I did not answer, when in truth I have already set in motion everything needed to give you the information you were asking for.

This is the secret. You may ask for a certain shirt or pair of jeans. What you really want is to either fit in our express yourself in some way. The clothes help you do that, help you define yourself in some desired way by your appearance. I will help you define yourself in whatever way you seek independent of your clothing and physical presentation. In your specific case you want to astral project and lucid dream. What you really want is that adventure, that freedom to explore. Yes, part of it is to explore those realms. But the stronger part is the adventure, the freedom. So I will provide that in some way.

I will always respond to what speaks to me the loudest from inside you. What your heart says over your head. If you understand this, you can get to the root of whatever it is you really want, ask for that, and you will receive it that much quicker. As a bonus I get to choose whatever form I want (which I do anyway) and present that to you. Since you have no expectations in this case, you are surprised, It is like getting a gift that is exactly what you wanted but never asked for. I know exactly what you really yearn for, and I will provide it. I know what form it should be in, how it should come to you, what way you would receive it best – everything there is to know. You just have to trust me. In a way you can think of that as your payment. Not that you owe me anything. But we are trading. Your trust for the object you really want at your heart level.

Truly children have it easier. They can ask Santa Claus (another form of me) for a red tricycle. In this case what they really want might be freedom, independence, adventure, or to fit in, or to stand out. But for them the tricycle is the best form at this stage in their development, So in most cases a red tricycle is what they get, usually through their parents. But I am behind it all, always listening, always watching, always attentive, always receptive, always accepting. I love always and I always will.

So make your request and yes, share these words. You can approach E2 and the sequel now with a new sight/vision. Now you know how to ask for something, and receive it. Now you understand how I will answer. Now you know what I am listening to, what I am tuned in to, when you make your request. You have been honored to receive this information. But you had to be open and receptive to it, so you were, and so you received it. Now share it with others. You have your answer 🙂

I have omitted some personal information. The things in brackets and with forward slashes are like extra words I feel I need to add that way. Parentheses may be something I added, and sometimes is used for proper grammar when I have a bit surrounded by commas that should be replaced with parentheses .

This is from what I call, “The Voice Inside.” I think of it as something like the Christian’s idea of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is supposed to be the voice of God inside a Christian. This Voice Inside is the voice of what I call The Source, my name for what other’s call God. I just started being able to hear it will translating dreams. I have just started, as of today, using it for other things, in this case to answer some important questions.

It is very hard to describe. There are words, I can sort of see them, I know them, what they are in some way. They come out, and they are not my words. I know they are not my words because they write things I may resist writing, and probably would not write. They are not always agreeable to me, ideal to me, in my perception. But the reality is that my perception is wrong. While I can’t be certain. I think these words are Truth. Maybe not absolute Truth, but Truth as I can understand it at this time in my life.

Up to this point in my life I followed the voices of my parents. Then my teachers. Then those authority figures in my Christian faith. Then authors as I left my faith and pursued my own spiritual path. Teachers, through whose books I learned and grew. Through it all I also followed my own voice. These voices brought me here, to this place in my personal and spiritual development. Now I will follow this Voice Inside for a time. I can always choose to ignore this Voice Inside. I can always override this voice with my own. But for now I have decided against that.


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