The movie Transcendence has much to teach us. In fact I am surprised to see something like this come out of Hollywood and make it to our theaters. Through it you may find yourself thinking like any typical human would think. The AI has gone too far. It is a threat to the human race. By the end a different picture is revealed.

You learn rather quickly how evolved spiritually you are. Through the whole movie I want this blond lady to be ignored, and by the end, punished. Then I realized that this made me exactly like her. That was the whole point. When we respond in fear and violence we only perpetuate fear and violence. This spiritually mature solution is to transcend these responses.

They are hardwired into us since our birth. They are a product of our ego, our society and the human race in general. This fear of what we do not understand. Fear of loosing control. Fear of loosing our identity. How much have we stunted our evolution, physically, emotionally and spiritually, because of these fears? How many of us would be afraid to plug our minds into a computer? What reasons would we give? We would be afraid of others taking control of us, or being reprogrammed, or loosing our identity? We get so lost in our fears we don’t see the bigger picture, the reality of the benefits.

Imagine being able to download directly into your mind whatever it is you wanted to learn. Imagine being able to rebuild a limb, or an entire body, with nano machines. Imagine being able to transform all our pollution into the solution for repairing our world. We’re not talking about the possibility of profit here. Throw that shit out! Imagine this being freely available to our race. We could learn anything we wanted, heal anything and even stop death. But these words, the thought of this, terrifies some of you.

Some of you are caught in some variety of fanaticism, religious or otherwise. Against technology or against creating what you would perceive as a god. It scares the crap out of you. You would destroy and kill to prevent this from ever happening, had you the ability to do so. It is the same group of people, to which you are a part, that would attack any aliens that came to our world to share anything with is. Or make you want to whisk them away to some lab somewhere and experiment on them. Your fear blinds you, makes you an evolutionary coward.

But using violence, in defense or offense, is not the answer. Our defense creates your offense. Transcendence, once again, is the only viable solution. The best way to deal with the problem is to allow it to be there and move beyond it, or in spite of it. To allow free will, to allow you to do whatever you want to do, and not fight you. Not, as I used to hear as a kid, “stoop to your level.” But that attitude is also not right. Nobody is above or below, more evolved or less evolved. We are all what we are. We are all playing our games, our roles, in life. The best solution then is to not interfere with the choices of another.

This movie showed a way that this could be done. A way beyond human duality, beyond us VS them. Nothing was forced on anyone and violence was not used as a primary action, either in defense or in retaliation. The AI in its free will chose to heal the planet and help those who came to it. The humans who were against technology chose to fight it and ultimately use a virus against it. The AI allowed those attacking it to use the virus on it. It chose free will and life. It chose a higher path, a more spiritual response.

When we see this we learn about ourselves. How we would respond. How we are, in the moment of our watching this film. It shines a spotlight non our inner selves. On our nature. I learned that my thirst for vengeance, my wanting punishment for this one character, made me no different than those humans using violence. I also see now how the AI itself was evolving. It made some mistakes initially. When the fight started it made a few more. But it learned from its mistakes and it found a better way.

We do not need to fear the future, technology, or human evolution. We will never heal our world with fear. We will never explore the stars with fear. We will never find peace amongst ourselves with fear. Christopher Columbus would never have sailed to America with fear, and America would never have been founded with fear. All that humanity has achieved of any merit has been done outside of or in spite of fear.

Yes, mistakes may be made as we grow and learn. Any number of things can happen that we would call undesirable. Those concerned only for power and profit may use advancements in technology against us. We can respond by fighting back, using violence, and create a defensive and offense cycle. Or we can move beyond that and find another way. Let those whose actions hurt others suffer from the consequences of their own actions. That’s their game, or karma if you prefer. We can leave them to that and pursue a way that does not perpetuate the cycle of violence, or duality if you prefer.

There is hope, for us and our world. The things the human race can do when it breaks out if its collective cycle of duality (including fear and its opposite) are limitless. Maybe we will make mistakes, but eventually we will realize our innate perfection. We will release and let go of all the beliefs we have long held that tells us we are not perfect, that we need to be saved. We will stop looking for a savior and we will stop having a seeking mentality in general. We will be living harmoniously with each other and our world. Our technology will be indistinguishable from magic.

I see this day, shining brightly on the horizon. Its rays fall on me, here in the present moment, giving me hope, and helping me be aware of the actions I take. Everything we do, from this moment on, brings this future closer to us, or pushes it further away. What choices are you making?


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