Air becoming water,
Water becoming air,
The cycle continues.

The sun sets,
Rises the next day,
The leaves fall,
The seasons change,
Even I have changed.

I am becoming…
What? I do not know,
One of many questions,
To which there is no answer,
The questions continue.

This quest to understand,
To find meaning,
A reason to live,
A dream to pursue,
Is just another cycle.

Everything moves,
Everything changes,
Nothing is stagnant,
All that does not change,
Is unnatural and dead.

Perfection is unnatural,
Because perfection,
Is a state of unchanging,
The ultimate being reached,
But life is in the reaching.

That we grasp for the stars,
Is what makes us human,
That we yearn to fly,
Despite our lack of wings,
These are signs of life.

Any place of perfection,
Is also a place of stagnation,
So you can keep your heaven,
I have no use for such a place,
I seek to change and grow.

It is the adventure that draws me,
The quest which compels me,
It is the living that drives me,
These moments which move me,
These things give me life.

Without them life has no meaning,
Without them life is death,
Life with an absence of living,
Provides no reason to go on,
Or for the cycle to continue.

These words will challenge you,
They bring to question,
All the beliefs you cherish,
They scrutinize you ideas,
They expose the truth.

You may not be ready to see it,
That all is perfect already,
In the perfect state of change,
Everything is as it should be,
No matter how it may appear.

Sit in a hot tub,
Become aware of your body,
See the tiny bubbles,
Feel them tickle your nose,
Breath, and live.


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