Your Body Is Not Just A Machine

I have been wrong in my thoughts about the physical body. I used to think it was some sort of machine that the Real You just drives around. A vessel to transport my Higher Self through the physical dimension. But I have been wrong. This seems especially clear after reading one of Seth’s/Jane Robert’s/Rupert’s books, “Magical Thinking.”

I think I understand now. The physical body is a mental construction. You were not created from the dust of the earth by God. You created your physical body. You chose its physical appearance, you choose how to see it, you choose which perceptions of others affect it. The thoughts of yourself and others make your physical body appear as it does and have created its current form.

Some of this I still struggle with. It implies reincarnation which I am not sure I believe. Because that implies you predetermined how you would look, your sex, your sexual preferences and bias, and all that happens to you through the course of your existence. I can’t wrap my head around why anyone would want to manifest as a murderer or their murder victim.

But it has been proven, time and again, that we can heal our physical bodies by our mindset,. If we think and feel we will be sick, we get sick. Sometimes this goes on subconsciously. Something happens in our lives and our subconscious response is to get sick, or have a headache (what my mom does.) Someone gives us a placebo, and if we think and feel we will get well, we do. Belief plays a part here. Though/feelings/belief all work together in some way.

My physical body is overweight and I have been unable to release and let go of the excess fat around its middle. Something, perhaps subconscious, is keeping it there. The excess fat is a physical manifestation of a mental creation. Knowing this, I should be able to physically manifest its dissolution in some mental way.

This is what I now set out to learn, to know, to understand. It just makes sense. To travel astrally, you have an astral body. It’s right there, ready for you to use. To travel in dreams you have a dream body, which you use every night. You have a physical body for your physical world travel. You should be able to alter your physical body in any way you want or need. Make it lighter to levitate or fly. Make it heavier and enclosed in blubber, give yourself some gills, for some deep sea swimming. The possibilities are endless.

The point of all this is that if your physical body is not just a machine, but a mentally created physical manifestation, and you learn to see it as such, you will have a way to access the ability to change it.

Love your physical body. Respect it. Take care of it. If you are sick, manifest a body that is healed. If you are weak, manifest a body that is strong. You chose this trip, this adventure through physical life. You choose the vessel you experience it in as well.


2 thoughts on “Your Body Is Not Just A Machine

  1. I just ran across your blog and wonder if you are still looking for East Vancouver Buddhist meditations, etc.
    Please contact me, I know some folks who are interested.


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