Quick Update

I have gone lacto ovo vegetarian. Been on this new diet since May 23, 2014.

My motivation is to make it easier for me to lucid dream and have out of body experiences. The theory is that having that heaviness from meat in you makes things harder.

Supporting reasons include that meat eating is really, truly bad for the environment, I want to loose the fat I have around my middle, and I don’t want to eat the negative energy in the food.

I had come to this last realization some time ago. That when you eat something, it is not just physical. You eat your feelings about what you are eating, and if what you are eating came from a living creature, you are eating its final feelings as well.

You want to know another possible source of cancer and disease? Try eating chicken meat from chickens that have had their beaks clipped and are kept in large buildings where there are so many of them there is no real room to move around. That’s if they’re lucky, most end up in cages. Try eating meat from a cow that has been slaughtered, or meat from a pig that came from a mother in a gestation cage.

Now I am not going to go around fighting for animal rights. Not going to join some group and go after people that do these sorts of things. I see society as a whole as broken. It doesn’t work. It’s like the gasoline engine, built to fall apart and die eventually.

I look to the electric car version of society, and do whatever I can, in my normal life, to bring that version of society to fruition. Sooner or later folks will have to wise up. Growing meat for food kills large swatches of forests, destroys animal habitats, and changes the ecology of the planet. It takes 7 pounds of grain to raise 1 pound of meat. The government has been subsidizing our meat and diary for years now. Eventually this will stop and prices will go higher than they already are.

We need trees to survive, need them to process the carbon dioxide for us. Sooner or later we will realize that we will either drown ourselves through global warming, suffocate ourselves through removing too many trees, or starve ourselves by running out of food. Someone, maybe several someones, will see this coming, and they will set things right. And I will quietly support them, in the background.

Having a very bad day today, wrapping this up for now. Blessings and love to all of you, may the Source be with all of you!


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