The Other World

As you develop spiritually you will come to this teaching of a state that is beyond duality. It may seem confusing. Why do we need to go beyond good and evil? Right and wrong? Desired and undesirable?

I felt I wanted to say something about why it is important to enter this state. It is not a place you can go, or get to, or seek and find. There is nothing you can do or try to get there. You just become someone in that state. You just wake up. It it outside the processes of the mind.

Simply, this state is important because as long as you are caught in duality, this reality, this world, of opposites, for one to be true the possibility of the other must exist. To demonstrate this let’s say you have music you like. Even if you like all the music you can think of, you still have not heard all the music there is. There will always be a chance that there is music you don’t like. The existence of music you like supports the existence of music that you dislike.

As long as there is good there must be evil, and if there is evil there must be good. If there is something you should do, there is also something you should not do. If there is a Heaven there must also be a Hell. If there is a God there must also be a Satan. You can replace the names of God and Satan for whatever gods, masters or teacher you prefer.

It is only when we are above, beyond, outside these states that the duality disappears. It is not, as I said, a place we can get to. So words like above, beyond and outside are deceiving. I can not express how this state feels, or what its like, as I am, at this present moment, still caught in the world of opposites, probably the same as you.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves in this life is to open our minds, let go of all the beliefs we have connected to our identity and open ourselves up to spiritual truths. As we learn the lessons we need to learn, which life will faithfully bring us, we change. We transform. We become someone else, something else, something other, than what we were before. We are no longer as others defined us, or we defined ourselves. At some point we become unsure of even who we are.

These transformations will eventually lead us into one where we find ourselves in a state beyond the reality or world of duality. The place where Jesus said He was, “In the world but not of it.” Where others see the world as a cold, hard place, and still others see it a loving and supportive, we see it as all of these things, everything, more, and yet nothing at the same time. We see the world as it is, beyond our ideas of what the world is, our preconceived notions, our thoughts. We see the Truth about reality and the world, about existence and life.

The teachings that point us to this state, that say it is above, beyond or outside the world of duality are really trying to wake us up. The implication seems to be that we know, in our Higher Self, that aspect of us that lives on when the body has ceased to function, the Truth. We have always known. Just as we have always known we are perfect, we don’t need fixing and there is nothing wrong with us. But we forgot, or have been asleep. This waking up opens us to the Truth of existence, life, reality and the world.

That is why these teachings exist, and why this state is so important. It is only when humanity wakes up in this way that the need for laws, regulations and rules will cease to exist. Crime will cease to exist. Anything we currently call evil or wrong ceases to exist. Separation, between ourselves, between nations, between cultures, between religions – it all ceases to exist. The moment when humanity wakes up, it will be to harmony and oneness, in our lives, our society, and our world. We will still be us, and they will still be them, but we will also be one. Separate and one.

Begin the process of spiritual change now. It is only when you enter the cocoon that you can transform into the butterfly of who and what you really are. It is only when you have transformed that you can spread your wings and fly in that other world.


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